FGB 163: UFC 242 – Khabib vs Poirier Preview

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29 thoughts on “FGB 163: UFC 242 – Khabib vs Poirier Preview

  1. Dear Dustin, if you are watching this UFC promotion, please, please switch your phone off, catch the earliest flight to Louisville Or Louisiana, and get out of Abu Dhabi ASAP. Bro, your a really good family man, and even a better father, it's just not worth it. Bro, all these UFC guys including Sheikh Dana bin Money, understand only one language, it's the universal language of 'CashFlow' and nothing else. Leave the training, go back to your hotel, pick up your bags, call the cab, take your family out if this Desert by any means necessary. Because I can guarantee you bro, when the cage door closes, you will be on your own, all by yourself without a single soul to pick up the pieces or a shoulder to lean on; no Uncle Dana , nobody will be there to help you. Bro, why have smesh when you can have silk? I know your a Diamond geezer, but it's far safer to go home, mow the lawn or pick some pears and go fishing trip and safe n sound. Otherwise, this octagon will turn into the real desert storm, blazing with smeshing fire, where even Diamonds will turn into dust and utter ruin. Not only that, but if diamonds had feelings, it'll split asunder and turn into obliterated dust from the ferocity of the ferocious claws of The Eagle. I ain't trying to scare you, but just a small humble advice to my fellow brother in humanity. Yeh? Just go home. Stay safe. You'll be fine and don't worry about the haters.
    Take care brother.

  2. Hi Jack, first of all – huge fan of the channel. Super informative and all that shit.ngl, I got super sad when Andrade got finished, but that's cause I like my women like I like my coffee – strong :'D Just a thought, would she benefit from using her elbows more as an offensive weapon? She's already a super short fighter in both stature and style, and her elbows would enable her to be aggressive and damaging without necessarily opening her up to straight hand counters that Rose and Joanna got her with. She does need better coaches agreed, as her athleticism alone would help her beat 95% of that division.And about "Nurmagomedov/Poirier" 😉 do you think given Dustin's history of being nearly crippled by Jim Miller and Justin Gaethje might make  try a kick heavy attacking game? Or am I seeing something that those two could do well that Khabib probably won't?

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