FGB 121: UFC 235 – Zabit vs Jezza Preview

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Usman vs Woodley

Askren vs Lawler:

Zabit vs Jezza

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27 thoughts on “FGB 121: UFC 235 – Zabit vs Jezza Preview

  1. Hendricks has a fantastic shot, but he doesn't chain wrestle like Askren at all. Once aksren gets his hands on you, even if the double fails, he chains together all kinds of upper body takedowns off the bodylock, and once you're down, he's incredible at riding you, attacking your posts and mat returns. Lawler is a great wrestler, but he looks better on paper than he is. A fantastic sprawl, but he makes dumb decisions in the clinch

  2. An interesting stat about Woodley is the he has never gotten up from a takedown or reversed position from the bottom…..
    But he has only been taken down once in his recent MMA career.

  3. Askren had two titles one Olympic team appearance and 2 Hodge trophies (only four other people have ever done that) Hendricks also has 2 titles but no Hodge trophies or Olympic team appearances

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