FGB # 109 – UFC 231: Holloway vs Ortega – The Good Shit

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We discuss the ins and outs of the Holloway – Ortega match up, run down the rest of the card, and talk about Greg Hardy getting his UFC debut.

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29 thoughts on “FGB # 109 – UFC 231: Holloway vs Ortega – The Good Shit

  1. Nothing about high level match ups is basic but to put it basically I slightly pic Ortega because he has more ways to win and has displayed it, one having a chin, the calm during the fire, knockout ability/rock you, and bjj subs from anywhere. And the longer the fight is seems to benefit him. With Max being great I don’t think it’s a fear of being KO’d or submitted. Him running away with a paceful decision is an option but I don’t out weight vs Ortega ability to get a finish within 5 rounds.

  2. Who gives a shit if some journalists are going to write domestic abuse articles? Why would the UFC care about that? The media are disgusting hypocritical pieces of shit anyway. It's not like they did this on purpose. Life is just funny like that. Plus Greg Hardy was never proven guilty..

  3. Liam Harrison is the epitome of low kicking up at a diagonal. I imagine the tightness of the muscle and sinew at the insertion of the quad and knee is what makes the kick particularly insulting.

  4. Not sure if you read these Jack but Ortega and Holloway both have 69" reach if my memory serves. It seems like you think Holloway's is a bit short in relation to his frame and could have mixed that up with weight class

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