EA UFC 3 | Road To Top 20 Ranked | Ep.12 Redemption

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35 thoughts on “EA UFC 3 | Road To Top 20 Ranked | Ep.12 Redemption

  1. Why aren’t you telling us your rank in a road to top 20 rank series. Seems obvious thing to do at start and at end of video. I have no idea where you r in the rankings

  2. You are right, I remember when the game launch I was on my career mode and Frankie was freaking imposible to beat, I tried almost 10 times and I didn't get it.

  3. About the strikes not registering, I have that almost every single fight. When I throw a combo especially with an uppercut, a lot of the time my guy just freezes when he was supposed to throw the uppercut and then throw the rest of the combo. Most of the time I get punished quick for it

  4. Last I checked, the after bell strikes do count. At least, they show up on the strike count. I play against the AI to warm up and I've been hit after the bell countless times. Every time, I check immediately after by pausing and sure enough, the strike is on the stats. Sucks because you can't even block them.

  5. Using Velasquez, Dos Santos is an easy target. Cain has a great chin, brilliant cardio, and amazing clinch and takedown game, heavy hands and good kicks.

  6. Soo just got this, and this has been my online adventure so far. All pick champs no one tries any thing different. Then it goes, jap straight jap straight jap jap jap jap straight jap straight low kick jap jap jap straight and so on. Also wtf is up with the clinch, ground and sub, feels broken and breaks the already bad flow of the stand up. Now dont get me wrong i suck at this game, having not played the first 2, but i still to this day play the far better undisputed 3. So yeah kind of bumd out.

  7. Yes to your problem throwing uppercuts. i have the same problem when playing with wonder boy. cant throw the jab uppercut hook combo efficiently…. oddly ebough the lead uppercut straight combo works just fine tho

  8. If any faces mexxiko_NRG watch out for the " lost connection" crap. Was beating him then the lag and waiting on opponent then lost connection to servers and I get the damn loss????

  9. Martial we have to get a game man FR. I think we'd have a decent match I'm hanging around the top 60-120 rn bouncing about because i play tons of games. I have about 650 this season so far. Add me up and lets dance brother
    PSN: JabStraightSpam

    If you have not already encountered this, there is an exploit in this game that allows your opponent to spam oblique kicks to your lead leg and it drains YOUR stamina if you block them. It does absolutely nothing to theirs but it drains yours as if you were throwing missed kicks. I’ve seen this done with Max Holloway many times and I’m sure other fighters can do it. One particular user that cheeses this constantly goes by the name of “CookedOnSight” on PS4.He is a spamming bitch that turns to exploiting when his hook spam doesn’t work.

  11. I’m doing really bad this turn around. Sometimes the adversity gets me, it’s not really getting out skilled it’s some cheese combos get me. I also freak out a bit in honesty when rocked and want to return it. I’m deciding if I should go back to my old aggressive fast pace or if I should just work on being calmer

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