EA Sports UFC 3 | Road To Top 20 Ranked | Ep.9

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27 thoughts on “EA Sports UFC 3 | Road To Top 20 Ranked | Ep.9”

  1. Imma mention one more combo this one will work in real life but prolly not game. For sure touch gloves. Then over hand right, inside lead leg leg kick then plant that lead leg and throw a spinning back kicked with the rear leg to the opponents body and if you miss or hit ur opponent. You do a tornado kick once you plant the leg that tried hitting ur enemy with weather you connected with the spinning back kick or not then throw a tornado killed kick to the head… 🙂 I love combos.

  2. You could do worse than Evans-Smith (I think she has level 2 boxing combos)…but not much. Hell of a fight!

    If you figure out how to implement those short steps into your game, would you mind making a little tutorial vid?

  3. I love this series man. Watching you is not only entertaining for when I have down time, but its helping me learn how to get way better at the game too for when I have time to play the game

  4. Man I fought this guy, I held my own for 2 rounds but like you I choose a character who was not nearly as good as Shevchenko. I was either Jessica Eye or Juliana Pena (I try to fight with lower ranked fighters as if I can win with them I can win with anyone). He had the same calm game plan with those short movements.

  5. Hey Martial, I've had trouble with body kicks that don't land also. I don't know why exactly it happens, but I know it happens when both fighters are in opposite stances. Like when you were orthodox and he was southpaw

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