EA Sports UFC 3 | Road To Top 20 Ranked | EP.10

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41 thoughts on “EA Sports UFC 3 | Road To Top 20 Ranked | EP.10”

  1. My man 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽That was a pleasure! You did a good job not buying those feints I did. And I can fight well from southpaw, but better with TJ than I could with Aldo, but I was worried about the body health event being that the right side would be closer to the left body hook. Unfortunately, it came sooner than expected it happens, but nonetheless great fight! Don't forget that link!

  2. I never get how people aren't good in both stances, i use southpaw more cause it's a hell of a lot easier personally for me, my straight is much closer and if i am using McGregor i love throwing that straight right hook combo, it's beautiful with him. If you throw it fast it catches people. But i can also use Orthodox, in fact i throw different combos from there, maybe leg kick combos, etc. it all depends on who i'm using really, with McGregor i prefer keeping it southpaw cause it feels natural, even for him.. But i do switch it up here and there, cause i love to keep that realistic play style.. And he switches stances now and then.

  3. Oh man @Martial Mind, that first fight was AMAZING! I'm loving this series. I'm always watching your videos before i go to sleep lol i'm addicted to it haha, good video man as always, i would love to play against you but i play on Xbox One 🙁 ….. And for everyone i hope y'all having a goodnight/blessed day

  4. Really appreciated that from DaddyMara, he missed the ‘touch gloves’ animation and returned it with a bow. It seems this game, the higher you go, you get a lot of respectful/humble gamers; I’m lucky to get someone to touch gloves in the lower levels of online fights!

  5. I just bought ufc3 and I was in a fight and literally heard you in my Head coaching me! 🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️ plant your feet and throw combos and boom knocked out! My Nigga martial man ✊🏻✊🏻✊🏻😂

  6. Hey man u forgot to put up romeros link! Fucked up man!! Hahaha..i still want that ass tho son im seriously debating on purchasing a ps4 just to fight u streamers…31 fight win streak in ranked now, cant be stopped! Hahaha

  7. finally i am caught up on the series, Martial thanks for the amazing matches you been showing. But that Gsp match you should have won bro, all those rocks and knockdowns made no sense.

  8. I find with ufc3 when the camera has my fighter coming from the left I have difficulty even more so when I think about it. Sometimes I forget I’m coming from the left side when that happens I actually do better until I realize I’m coming from the left then I think too much and have problems. Maybe he’s that way switching from orthodox to southpaw. It looked that way to me.

  9. Please tell me how to beat the aggressive block breaker fighter dude. I can’t win anymore cuz that’s all everyone does. No matter how many times you try slipping you still get caught eventually.

  10. Hey martial, can you make a video ranting about the players that automatically quit the game when you just submitted them or KOe'd them. That does not give you the sub or KO win and it is infuriating

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