EA Sports UFC 3 Hidden Gem #1 – Stefan Struve!

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EA Sports UFC 3 Online Ranked Using Stefan Struve

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38 thoughts on “EA Sports UFC 3 Hidden Gem #1 – Stefan Struve!

  1. I didn’t see one glitch in your gameplay.. whenever I use Struve there’s leg kicks that turn into triple back flips and all sorts, sometimes making him completely unplayable. That is ultimate team though.

  2. Martial, another hidden gem is Gokhan Saki in the LHW division. His kicks in this game are stupidly strong. I threw one headkick against DC and it was instant KO. Saki has no ground game but amazing stand up.

  3. I appreciate art, but I’m not on Instagram. You should do an other channel, where you show your art, and maybe the process of it, I would be interested.

  4. Any tips on keeping the fight on the outside? Most people want to push and force an inside fight and the game becomes boring, sometimes it's like impossible to get any distance when a guy fights like that.

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