Diaz brothers update and the UFC debut of Kron Gracie…

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Gilbert Melendez gives a Diaz brothers update and talks the UFC debut of Kron Gracie with Chael Sonnen on this episode of Beyond the Fight.

35 thoughts on “Diaz brothers update and the UFC debut of Kron Gracie…

  1. I really like this content. Nice that Chael thought about things like nice cameras, good editing, decent mics etc. Too many uploads on Youtube look & sound like they have been recorded in a toilet cubicle.

  2. The Diaz brothers used to fight anyone but now since they rich they can afford to pick and choose if and when they fight & while neither one has anything close to knockout power, they are exciting to watch. Make a mega money fight by making them fight each other in the cage

  3. People forget how long nick fought. That bmf been fighting 20 years, he was huge for mma,he set the standard for conditioning and staying true to form. Imo nick diaz is a h.o.f. I feel like diaz could win a fight vs anyone within reason. No hws ,but if the fight had no rounds and went til u cant go he wouldnt lose a fight
    Truly 1 of the best

  4. Poirier really doesn't sell himself on any fights. He should be pushing for fights or just quit because sitting back isn't helping. He got that "Covington Promise" from Dana so he thought he had a golden ticket…turned out it was fools gold.

    In the end, if you become invisible you later become forgotten. If you're content with that then I guess it's cool. I stopped fighting for family, ended getting divorced and rarely hear from my kid…you close the door on fighting you better be sure. Can't be on the ropes about it and need to want that taste of blood or just forget it. I hope Poirier is done because it seems that way.

  5. Gil Melendez rules.

    I don't understand how AJ Agazarm is buds with the Diaz brothers but has hella beef with Jake Shields. Is Jake not in the CG camp anymore?

  6. I definitely think that chael has Been a bit bord wile over in aussie land with the amount of videos he been doing. 😂 looks like he been walking round hotel bumping into other fighters etc that are ther for UFC as lads who are fighting team mates etc & pro mo & just to watch it as fans.. & asking them to make a video he had loads of different people this week normally just him sat in some random place or in his car !! lol

  7. Let’s be honest about Nick. He’s fallen off the deep end. He’s drunk and high all day partying with cokeheads in Vegas. He’s going to run out of money and try to make a comeback when he’s way out of his prime and it’ll be sad

  8. How tf they gonna put a 25 fight vet (18 of them in the UFC!!!) against a 4-0 Gracie. Come on, build this dude up! Hope Kron gets the w, and I’m an old school Bruce Lee Roy fan

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