Darren Till Needs The Towel For UFC London Official Weigh-Ins

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45 thoughts on “Darren Till Needs The Towel For UFC London Official Weigh-Ins

  1. I'm waiting for the day: SOme ufc fighter pranks the whole crowd (and world) and doesnt put his pants back on.
    So when the towel goes, his average sized dick is hanging there for the whole world to see
    Would be hilarious.

  2. Holy shit, Till looks seriously ill at this weigh in. I think both ufc and boxing should start capping how much weight a fighter is allowed to lose. Too many fighters doing it nowadays

  3. Lol the scale actually hits the top side before the guy moves it. Look carefully, and right after the scale hits the top, the weigh in guy makes the move. Masvidal will have to get a stoppage cuz no way will he win a decision

  4. still havent Figured a proper way to cover someone with a towel? How long until someone accidentally drops it or is paid to drop it? This is hollywood so anythings possible

  5. 0:24 till is a fucking cheat listen to what he says to the weight official …. bullshit and immediately after the the official moves the slide before the press can see… they don’t usually do that..

  6. The commish didn’t even let the scale settle… dude overweight and fuck London! Hope Jorge knocks Tills head off so they can’t gift Till another win across the pond.

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