Daniel Cormier: UFC 226 Post-Fight Press Conference (FULL)

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See all that Daniel Cormier had to say at the UFC 226 post-fight press conference after defeating Stipe Miocic to become a two-champ title holder.

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21 thoughts on “Daniel Cormier: UFC 226 Post-Fight Press Conference (FULL)”

  1. Can’t stand that little short midget trainer what a bitch made motherfucker that dude don’t even know how close he was to the emergency room with Brock

  2. Props to Cormier for winning the fight! For anyone to say or even allude that Daniel Cormier is a "G.O.A.T.", it is preposterous! If I was in his shoes, I would want to fight Lesnar and Jon Jones again. I'd do those both fights within a year. Jon Jones beat him twice and that is something that will haunt him forever. Steroids or not. Nobody says Mike Tyson is the "G.O.A.T."! Tyson fought Holyfield twice and got schooled, Lennox Lewis beat his ass, even the journeyman boxer Kevin McBride wore Tyson down. I think D.C. should fight Lesnar and leave the UFC. He'll be getting paid very well.

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