Daniel Cormier says he could fight Shogun Rua before Brock Lesnar; Israel Adesanya cashes $112,000

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Daniel Cormier says light heavyweight fight with ‘Shogun’ could precede Lesnar fight
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50 thoughts on “Daniel Cormier says he could fight Shogun Rua before Brock Lesnar; Israel Adesanya cashes $112,000”

  1. Daniel Cormier was never the legit UFC Light Heavyweight champion. He never beat the champion. Him beating Stipe is his first legit UFC championship. Come at me.

  2. DC gets Shogun in Brazil as his last fight. That would be epic. But Lesner at HW and Jones are both money fights as well. Well if USADA has to clear both of them.

  3. Why y'all hating on Shogun he on a 3 fight win streak an Gus is on a 2 fight win streak and Gus is fighting volkan already so in my eyes it should be Shogun or Jan blachowics

  4. Word Has Gotten around that Daniel Cormier Has No Beef with anyone… But He Definitely Does not Support Chic-fil-la. A championship match has been scheduled between The Owner of the Franchise and Cormier. #UFC 233

  5. Not even funny anymore, first picked a cheater whos not even ranked anymore. Holding up the division and don't grand miocic the rematch he deserved. Now picking the nr 8 of the lhw division??? I love DC, but this can't be right. I get its all about the money but there are fighters who don't cheat, train their asses of and aint getting ** What are rankings for these days?

  6. Yoel vs DC… how 'bout that one instead of Shogun? They keep talking about Yoel moving up to 205, DC says he has no contenders yet, well how about the #1 at 185 to move up and challenge? Anyway… They keep comparing him to Connor, but Connie never defended the FW belt, not even once for more than a year before he fought for the LW belt. In my book, DC's accomplishment surpasses Connie's.

  7. Shogun would get destroyed, and he’s nowhere in line for a title shot. but maybe they want to give him one more chance, like they did for Dan Hendo?

  8. Damn… The disrespect for Shogun in the comments. Shogun Rua is a Legend and he still has pop in his fists and in this sport you just never know. Yeah I know its a long shot against DC tho… But one shot is all it takes.

  9. I used to hate DC because I was a big Jones fan but you can't hate someone who's good you gotta respect that. I give him props I just hope him and jones can go at it again clean this time obviously. But you can't lie it's really no other fight you'd rather see than DC and Jones, maybe it's just me but I think they equivalent to the Ali and Frazier rivalry. I just don't see anybody else giving DC a good fight

  10. First off never count out Shogun and second if dan henderson could get a title shot then shogun absolutely should. Not to mention brock is getting one too so stop using logic, this is the ufc and its 2018. Plus shogun getting a shot makes the most sense out of many matchups lately

  11. This is hilarious, people calling Cormier a ducker even though he just beat the greatest heavyweight of all time and also fought Jones twice and wants a third, yeah, he's ducking…

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