Daniel Cormier reveals UFC salary for losing to Jon Jones; Luke Rockhold vs Alexander Gustafsson

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Daniel Cormier reveales UFC salary for losing to Jon Jones
Dana White: Luke Rockhold vs Alexander Gustafsson targeted for UFC 227
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Michael ‘Venom’ Page gives his thought about David Haye and Bellator 200
Boxing day with UFC Champ Cris Cyborg #sharp
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42 thoughts on “Daniel Cormier reveals UFC salary for losing to Jon Jones; Luke Rockhold vs Alexander Gustafsson”

  1. I hate that DC gets bashed for crying after a loss, dudes been crying in the ufc forever..& have you ever watched TUF, they all cry when they lose ! It’s no biggie, leave him alone !

  2. DC deserves that and a lot more after being cheated by jones.
    But after DC pays his team and taxes wife and kids I wonder how much does he have for himself.

  3. "Honey girl, that would be cool if Rhonda let us on WWE, and instead of 'The Four Horeseman, we became The Four Horsewomen,' I'm beyond excited. Where's Shayna at? Give her a call…next time she'll follow."

  4. I feel like Cyborg is stuffing her right cross. Overall looking sharp on that bag, if I see her keep her balance in the cage while striking I'd like to see her in the squared circle

  5. We want to see Gustafson fight Jon Jones, Gustafson nearly won but of course Jon Jones had to cheat on steroids, most people don't think he would have won without cheating.

  6. Luke is going to get fucked up… He has been getting knocked out by middleweights, cold…. He needs to stick to being metrosexual whiner and sipping red wine in the evenings…

  7. GSP vs Nate Diaz Geezus Christ . I bet GSP can’t even make the weight . He just fucked himself up trying to make 185 what the hell is going to happen when he tries to cut over 30 -40lbs ???!

  8. luke wil get mauled ….i never liked luke but now im feeling sorry for him he is a very good fighter but his chin cant handle this level expecially vs a high level striker like gustafson

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