Daniel Cormier Releases Statement Following UFC 241 Loss, Aldo Accepts Cejudo Fight

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40 thoughts on “Daniel Cormier Releases Statement Following UFC 241 Loss, Aldo Accepts Cejudo Fight

  1. Nah, Jones, the P4P is still totally whacked. The two scariest women in the history of the sport didn't last a combined two minutes against the true #1 P4P fighter, by a wide margin: Amanda Nunes. The ONLY reason she's not #1 is because, uh…yeah, pretty straight forward…that fighter is a woman. She made Rousey and Cyborg look like amateurs–THINK ABOUT THAT!!! Finished Tate, Holm, beat the Bullet twice (although close ones).

  2. Who gives a fuck about Ronda Rousey ? She’s not a ufc or an MMA fighter ! So let them WWE freaks or them Fox people report about this incident , because she got fucked up in the UFC and run away to the freak show WWE

  3. Its crazy hearing such a little guy act so tough! Cejudo you weight 125/135 pounds my fucking dog weighs that much bro… the dude is a midget! get rid of the 125 pound divison. Watching tiny tiny men fight is ridiculousness. Weight cutting to a women's weight is the most cringy thing you can do. Get outta here little guy.

  4. Man daniel cormier is such a gd sport with this loss he has nothing to be disapointed about man dc has accomplished alot in the mma sport je has nothing i mean absolutely nothing to be ashamed or s
    Disapointed a loss comes with the game but hey u can always bounce back but evem if u retire thank u daniel cormier for entertaining me all these years with amazing fights!

  5. jones is a god dawm cheater.. he knows it.. means he scared.. when everybody else respects the rules.. if you are the champ as you believe, why cant you respect the rules?? i know for sure, you played dirty tricks to get where you are now

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