Daniel Cormier and Dana White on Brock Lesnar’s shove in the octagon | INTERVIEW | UFC 226

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Daniel Cormier and Dana white discuss the altercation that occurred with Brock Lesnar after Cormier’s Heavyweight title win.

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Daniel Cormier and Dana White on Brock Lesnar’s shove in the octagon | INTERVIEW | UFC 226


50 thoughts on “Daniel Cormier and Dana White on Brock Lesnar’s shove in the octagon | INTERVIEW | UFC 226”

  1. I liked it. The heavyweight division has been a dry embarrassing snooze fest. Brock owns that weight class. He came in years ago with ONE fight under his belts and became champ while having a disease that makes sit ups feel like knives but he somehow trained and fought. Then he came back with not much training time and beat a guy that everyone said would ko him but that COULDN'T happen. Ps if you think he was on steroids jump off a bridge or get a working brain. He failed for an estrogen blocker something weak that helps his test levels get CLOSE to normal since he's over 40! No steroid on the planet will make you the athlete and fighter that Brock is. Maybe you guys hate him because you all have middle school frames and are jealous because he has muscle and you all look like girls.

  2. And y’all fans are so one sided. There are many ufc fighters you call greats who have done steroids way more than Brock
    Has and ruined their careers but for some reason Brock can’t come back from it

  3. Dana White is a coward for not standing against Brock. The commission should fine Brock 1,000,000 before he can fight anyone again and the money should go to DC.

  4. 1st:
    DC/Miocic rematch.
    Brock vs. Next in line.
    Same card.
    Heck.. Build that hype & put Connor/Khabib on it too.
    Caveat: All participants MUST be 100% clean.
    No exceptions.
    Or, else, fk it..
    Let's go Brazil!!!
    Hahah 😂

  5. No. You will never be given a pass when you promote such a historically bad fight. And your solution is to bring a super steroid man to fight a double champion. This is totally WWE and will never see a PPV dollar out of anyone with half a brain.

  6. I don't know if you people have seen the video of Brock… Dana… And Daniel practicing this scenario out in a gym in Las Vegas. It's a great video Dana White mentions that this will be better than any WWE stunts if all you guys act it out correctly.

  7. im not saying that Brock can beat Cormier actually you never know anything can happen,, but when Cormier pushed Brock back he almost didn't even move Brock,… Brock is a huge dude.. plus i think Brock coming back to the heavyweight is the best thing that can happen other than Jon jones going to heavyweight …

  8. Love how Lesnars getting HW title shot without earning it, just because of the massive draw/PPV success it will have. I bet he gets first or 2nd round takedown on DC ground and pound TKO though. I don't think DC can out wrestle him and lesnar will be too strong for him.

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