Dana White UFC 226 Full Post-Fight Press Conference

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Dana White addressed the media following a wild night of fighting at UFC 226. For more: http://www.nesn.com/ufc/

37 thoughts on “Dana White UFC 226 Full Post-Fight Press Conference”

  1. Stipe Was ready to hang it up he was wanting to get HOME his wife is pregnant he’s most likely home sick.. He is an average Joe which is good. He’s not the guy who wants to be in the spotlight etc. he would rather just be a family man and work at his fire department. I think two years of just training fighting and trying to work a regular job and start a family etc. etc. just takes a toll on him . So he’s ready for two years of just being home.

  2. Such bullshit how Lesnar gets to come and go as he pleases and get a title shot everytime. And Stiopic should get the winner of that fight. He's arguably the greatest heavyweight in the history of the company, he deserves a rematch with DC.

  3. for people who think it was a fluke win……..If u watch DC interview with bisping he clearly said that he will knock out Stipe with dirty boxing during clinch position……

  4. I think Dana and the UFC would try to stay away from the name John Jones as much as possible. Dana needs to respect DC and stop going on about the steroid cocaine riddled John Jones. I dont know what J.J. needs to do for the UFC to realize he is not a good champ. Dana Praises J.J. constantly after everything he has done but shits on Ortega and other fighters for not taking short notice fights. Dana needs to get his head checked man. ALl he is waiting for is J.J. to come back for a cash cow. I am just waiting for J.J. to come back to see what he will do next to fuck up his career.

  5. Ufc 226 was a joke. There was no way DC could of won that fight and in that amount of time. UFC is turning out to be the WWE it's all story line . Brock comes in at the end and made the organization look so fake it was so disgusting. This sport went from almost killing someone to complete story line bullshit. After the Dillashaw, Cody fight and I'm hoping to see Ortega Holloway fight I'm done with this nonsense. What a Joke.

  6. I like DC and I wanted him to win, but really up to the eye poke he was fucked, then he lands a hook on Stipe who was blinded on that side, DC cheated the win.

  7. I feel like Dana owes me $65. To much bullshit. To much cheating, bad judging, and interms are jokes. Dana always acts so innocent and out of the loop. Dana and Joe Rogan are douchbags now. I won't buy anymore ppv

  8. They rob somebody of a 50k bonus when they hand out 4 performance bonuses rather than 3 performance bonuses and 1 fight of the night, only 4 people are getting a 50k bonus instead of 5 people.

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