Dana White Reacts to the Insane Back and Forth Fight between Israel Adesanya vs Gastelum,Jon Jones

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UFC 236 Results!

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50 thoughts on “Dana White Reacts to the Insane Back and Forth Fight between Israel Adesanya vs Gastelum,Jon Jones

  1. I don't know about you guys but that kid at the end was creepy. His actions and movements looked like that of a full grown man. When I was growing up, kids that age would have an extremely underdeveloped sense of body movement compared to this kid. And he knows what gossip means? Are kids getting smarter? Am I the only one that's astonished by how adult-like that fucking kid was?

  2. If Kelvin in the 4th when he rocked Izzy with a head kick this will be a different conversation I still don't find any logical reason for that except that he was exhausted to death and probably couldn't throw anymore and maybe even the fatigue was the one that got him drop at the end of the fight 3 times not the volume.
    (U gotta it feel it for Gastelum he is a veteran and should've fight Whittaker already and now he is on a rough situation because apparently after Adesanya Jacare is getting the next title shot and also for Tony, Poirier deserves that chance but also El cucuy with the most anticipited fight on the UFC and being curse 4 times is a shame especially when they were on their prime and for that belt at UFC 223.

  3. Well I don’t like jones but I agree with his tweets. Can’t compare Izzy to Jones or Kelvin to DC that’s just a fukin joke both of them. All I have to say to that is imagine if DC and Kelvin fought at 205 lol

  4. isreal ..your ego is goin to be shut down .rob is goin to humble ur arse ..have some class you ego maniac .. you will learn class from a class act .. the champ will deal with you ..yoel will beat the shit out of you. lmao . ur a joke

  5. why do people want to see john jones shit on fucking Adesanya? I really like the kid, i dont want to see him fight jon rn. that'd be stupid let him get some more experience first.

  6. Jon vs dc was the same thing as Izzy vs kg. I’m calling it now. I think Izzy CAN beat jones. It’s very possible. Like honestly. Isreal sparring rumble and working him shows me he has a chance. He walks around 200. I’m sure he’s have to do some serious lifting to be strong enough to keep Jon off. But I think Isreal has the best chance any can have. I think Isreal stand up is second to none in the ufc. His hands, technique and ability to adjust are amazing!

  7. Everybody's saying Jones he's too big for the light heavy weight division, and should move up but what does he do?.. he's hell bent on picking a fight with a lower weight, everybody's saying is too skinny for his division. smh

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