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35 thoughts on “Dana White DESTROYS Full UFC Roster in RANT OVER MONEY”

  1. Yo if you had a business how much you pay ya bitches fuck me , soon you got someone for 10 yrs you bring them in but this shit grab what you can same as mcgregor then do one

  2. God will see you. Matt you are a joke and all you Dana White people he's as bad as donking. You know you take advantage of these Fighters honoring your contract you're wrong how's it going back and get you one day

  3. If you notice the referees and the BJ Penn fight let it go too far that's what's going to happen. That some referees don't like the UFC they're going to call somebody to be seriously hurt and then people will open their eyes that the UFC plagued Society with violence it needs to be shut down

  4. fucken piece of shit Dana.. The fighters made more money with their own sponsorhip than the title fights.. You took that away with the cunt Reebok deal, which raped the livilhood from the fighters.. Dana you cunt, created this mess.. yet you bitch out on your biggesst assests, your fighters.. Fuck you asswipe.. Guess what is coming now Dipshit. A lawsuit from head trauma.. same thing with the NFL and WWE.. Dana is a piece of shit.

  5. Listen 👂 low mid and top should have a separate wage they all work hard but if you're meant to go to the top then you will sadly some Fighters just won't make it but you get to the top then you get paid top money . . ( FACT )

  6. Champs now a days make more than $250,000 a fight, plus 40,000 sponsorship, and a ppv split. Not to mention fight or performance of the night. A normal champ fights 2 to 3 times a year. That's easily into 7 figures

  7. "free tv" cus you know, those cameras are just there… it isn't a television show with like sponsors or anything… Does that mean actors on "free tv" aren't paid? no wonder they need studio audiences! lololol dana white is so dumb if he thinks people don't see right through his bs

  8. No fighter no company no money no dana . These guys/girls work their entire life to have a go at the strap and Dana takes home the bacon . I Mean if not for his rich buddy's he wouldn't have the opportunity to be president of the ufc . His normal for a  ceo a pure self centered self indulged pass the buck lie your head off prick .

  9. That's what happened when you make a sport become fast pace tv and give no time for idols to be made.
    After the retired and old Maywheather vs the overrated MCGg now they bring this buffoon and also overrated Bisping to fight another retired and rusty GSP slow and pathetic.
    Dana W can say whatever he wants but been a fan of MMA deep inside he knows he sold the UFC to the devil when he made the TV deals and became mainstream.

  10. Bosses are all the same I make 2 grand a day cutting treed for my boss and at 10 Hts I get 200 bucks that's 10 percent and my boss has the nerve to claim he ain't making no money when we work past 8 hrs it a jokr how these greedy fuvks want note than they work for just like fighters I put my body and health on the line every day to make chump change and its not like I can call in and have a replacement that's even a 1/4 of what I am. The employees ate the backbone of the riches have more respect and throw more of what's deserved and worked for

  11. Dana is talking shit but how much is he making per event that takes place. Dana is getting paid for every ppv and fight night event. He makes the most money and never bled for it. Nobody pays to see Dana. These fighters are the life blood of this company.

  12. He don’t care fuck all about the fighters, their just a bunch of carnies, they do a gig throw them in the back of the truck and cart them off to the next show, he simply uses them to make millions and millions and pays them SHIT!!! And before anyone says Connor mad 100 million, well it didn’t cost Dana 1 cent from his own pocket! The top fighters should be getting paid what top boxers do,

  13. The money that is made is not from the “Gate receipt”, it’s from the TV contract and sold commercials (Based on average views/viewers) to which the UFC commands a huge (monopolized) fan base for mma. It will get to a point where the fighters will group up and command wages competitive to what the average boxers get. The fighters are getting raped while the UFC is raking in billions overall. Mcgregor is starting to resent the UFC’s way of undercutting himself as well as the other fighters. Things will soon change. Hopefully!

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