Conor McGregor vs Nate Diaz rematch will be UFC biggest match, Max Holloway vs Brian Ortega

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Conor McGregor vs Nate Diaz rematch will be UFC biggest match, Max Hollway vs Brian Ortega

UFC News and MMA News:
-Max Holloway says Brian Ortega is a dangerous opponent

-Kamaru Usman says UFC offered him to fight Colby Covington

-Ariel Helwani on Anthony Rocco Martin resigning to UFC

-Joe Rogan says Conor McGregor vs Nate Diaz rematch would be huge for UFC

-Kenny Florian on Max Holloway vs Brian Ortega

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47 thoughts on “Conor McGregor vs Nate Diaz rematch will be UFC biggest match, Max Holloway vs Brian Ortega

  1. Sooooooo funny how anyone on here can make an argument that since conor lost, his next fight wouldn’t have just as many viewers. There is no fighter on earth that draws more. Thats a fact, not an opinion.

  2. to everyone saying diaz won both fights, you are ridiculous, do u hate conor that much for being successful. hes a great mma fighter, atleast he steps up and fights, yet u support people like jones, who have been found to be cheaters and really shitty people. conor is a great talent. and if u really think diaz won that second fight, u are delusional as fuck, nate looked like he came out of facial reconstruction surgery after that second fight, smoke his vape mumbling looked like a half dead toolbag.

  3. I dont see diaz 3 being that big of a fight. No-one really pays attention to diaz any more cause he wont take a damn fight and there's alot more interesting fights weve seen them each win one had connor not got submitted in the first he would have won that decision too. Its a boring fight imo

  4. Dolphins used to walk on land back in the days. They are among the most intelligent creatures in the sea. With that being said, Conor vs Diaz would be a perfect fight. Way more PPV buys then a Conor vs Porier 2. Conor mauled that guy. Why do a rematch with no belt? Diaz makes sense because the last decision was controversial. The last one I highly doubt will go the distance.

  5. This channel finds a way to put Mcgregors face with a headline everyday, Conor zone would be a more accurate name. Huge LW fight and a womens FW championship fight but
    Lets play what if instead. If king kong rematched godzilla who wins?

  6. Colby fighting Usman is a high risk low reward fight. Colby didn't take the Woodley fight on short notice because he wanted his body to heal and a full training camp, even if you don't like the guy you should understand his reasoning.

  7. Why would anyone want to see Nate vs Conor again. Conor was running from Nate in later rounds of the rematch. Why would you want to see a rematch when the last time they fought one of the opponents was intentionally avoiding the fight? Also it's not really equal going into the third at all. Nate's got a finish and Conor doesn't. Conor's failed twice on his promises to KO Diaz now, but Dana's gotta give him that third shot. Maybe he can do it on the third or fourth try. Isn't he awesome?

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