Conor McGregor vs Khabib Second UFC 229 Press Conference Confirmed!

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Conor McGregor vs Khabib Second UFC 229 Press Conference Confirmed UFC News and MMA News

-Urijah Faber on Conor McGregor being away for 2 year and UFC 229

-Khabib Fans Surprise Khabib in the gym

-Conor vs Khabib Second Press Conference is open to the public!

-Michael Bisping on Conor McGregor Striking could K/O Khabib round one

-Dustin Poirier and Nate Diaz trolling fans and spreading fake mma news

-Brian Stann on Conor McGregor vs Khabib UFC 229

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34 thoughts on “Conor McGregor vs Khabib Second UFC 229 Press Conference Confirmed!”

  1. Someone’s getting Knocked The F*%k out Oct 6th my bets on the fans!! It’s not going up people it’s going DOWN lol Remember Aldo vs McGregor ? Ya we all do of course we remember 😉

  2. Never count out either fighter. Playing to their strengths isn't the only way either fighter can win. Remember when Khalil Rountree knocked out Gokhan Saki? That shit was crazy. And Gokhan was way higher level in terms of his striking. Anyone can knock out anyone with the right punch. People have such one track minds sometimes.

  3. The average IQ of a Connor McGregor fan is not higher than that of a Trump's fan. In more ways than one they have the same psychological and intellectual profile. Deplorables unite.

  4. Conor McGregor will dominate the press conference.& he will dominate The fight as khabib walks forward into connor’s Fist 👊. It shouldn’t go past 2 rounds. Can’t wait to see this fight

  5. im helping fighters open their mouths with this the ones that are not scared to tell the truth of a sport that is going down to a clown the ones that are leaders and not followers the ones that dont need to kiss ass, i told you con bitch was scared i saw it in his eyes too, kahbib said it too, before i heard kahbib say that i told my girl (when bus attack happened) watch how this bitch in the confrence will say to kahbib if you got out i would have killed you, she was chocked when he said my prediction because i know the intentions of why he did the bus attack to simply try to strike fear in kahbib while kahbib was nice and calm just like champ floyd mayweather true fighters know his bullshit and see easy money when they see him just like malinangy said but some of yous dont belive him but rather belive the hustler, why do you think the leapercon is involving his leprcon father to character assasinate and defame kahbib? you think its just for laughs no way because the subject is far from funny, and another dead give away was when kahbib said he saw con man comming with proffesional cameras to destroy the bus implying dana was involved in this his bitch, con man is too cheap to get proffesional cameras himself he rather let his gulfer dana get them, thats why they promote hand truck on bus in ufc promo its amazing how these greedy bastards including dana the gambler that got kicked off various gambling casinos would be involved in this mess with con bitch his acomplice a dumb boss that the con clown has wrapped around his finger even holding his belt like if he is still the parking guy in the past, wake up ufc fighters dana dosent give one fuck about ya, he is willing for women and men to be injured to gamble on just one guy, a appluse the guys who left ufc for bellator for not putting up with this bullshit and now their paid waaay more, they have intergrity con bitch takes away your integrity and feminases you and makes you his bitch total brainwashing, and you excpect us to honor and like someone like that dana? your the only fool whos destroying your companies reputation by betting all your chips on/and supporting a worthless hustler like him, this is no longer the ultimate fighter but the ultimate brainwasher thanks to you punk dana! who sold out the whole ufc for a clown,who dosent give a fuck about you nor your fighters a spitting image of you right punk for youre teaming up with and supporting all the bullshit he does and show him favoratism forgetting what your tittle is a boss not a man bitch gulfer, its like a jail warden teaming up with one inmate to destroy all the other inmmates sick right, and to top it off you say hes better than mohammed ali in mental warfare yeah thanks to you helping him and not putting your foot down like the boss you should have been, hes become the ultimate lepercon stealing your company blind and you like his obssesed bitch! cheering his every move, your class your integrity and the integrity of the sport all went to the garbage because of your lepercon who is steeling your gold dumb bitch! i kid you not straight manly talk youre no longer a man but a worthless fan of a brain washer aka hustler who convinced you into selling out your whole company your head is in pussy cons table he collected your head too, you think not? when he says he collects peoples head and put it in youre table he meant he will alter their game plan by making them emotional and take them off his game plan and you laugh at how hes fooling your fighters? immitating the worst of mohamed ali and not the best, the best of castus clay is what he did off the ring with the whole world and race and religions for they all loved him and honored him muslims christians and jews all loved him, so getting back to you laughing at your own fighters for loosing to the con man saying hes great lol, little do you know he has your head on your own ufc table by making you turn aganst youre whole fighters and side with that worthless clown, world wake up! did you notice how people like johana yong daychick (what ever her real name) tried to immitate connor and tarsh talk thug namajumis it back fired? thats because they didnt know what the clown was doing and how he was winning he wasnt winning by just getting them angry like johanna did and lost, like cormier did and lost, it takes to a more bitchy level the way this bitch wins (with the weak minded only) is by hummiliating the fighters with evil sick jokes that he makes funny with his silly accent and causing the crowd to laugh at the fighters thus the brainwashing and shame beggins, the fighters feel ashemed of the public all laughing at the like carrie the movie causing the fighters (that are weak minded) to feel shame of his evil jokes and not function the same in the ring, check out central inteligence on how a liittle wisel had a strong man like the rock weak injuring his mind with the evil sick jokes that was done on him, and no rock you cannot convince me that you see your self in a worthless pice of shit like him and you oh rock say he reminds me off me you have to be selfish in this buissnes, partly true i agree with one point youre selfishness was wwe door was open and you left for hollywood good selfish choice that entertained all of us but if you think you and this clown is alike i want you to go on the cammera and say fuck hollywood fuck wwe i own this lets see how fast you will be black listed from hollywood and wwe after those comments like this punk bitch says to dana fuck dana white fuck ufc and when he goes to show time fuck the boss of showtime thats why this pice of shit is evil in my eyes and not a real man but the opposite of what he shows, a truly insecure of himself so he has to get them off their game plan tru other dirty tactics, just like a man who cant get an errection but must compinsate with his mouth thats how this lepercon is, thats why you lost cormier to jhon jones you didnt completely immitate your idols the one that calls his fans a fan bitch he literally said that to kahbib too for wearing cons shirt in the past he calls anybody a bitch who idolises him yeah and the sick part is ya stiill on his d*ck even dou all your paychecks are demoted because of him, cormier you didnt immitate cons technic correctly you forgot to make the crowd laugh at your jokes to mentally humiliate jhon jones but instead caused i fire to rise in him to fuuuuuuck you up almost killing you if reff didnt stop it, and it backfired your fans started to hate you and boo you, the same with johana she did not make the crowd laugh at all, just imitating the evil of con and not the jokes, world wake up!!! 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  6. the front office will see these tweets and "fake news" and probably make it come true because of the popularity of the rumor and the likes that the tweets or what ever gets; just like a movie producer like Marvel taking fan theories and make it come true in the blockbuster movies.

  7. Do you remember khabibs last fight? Everyone says they know al is a great fighter but the guy stepped in last minute and gave khabib a run for his money, would al have done that well against Conor? That's the question and I dont think he would have. I think Conor will knock khabib out in the beginning of the 2nd round. He might get taken down but conor is anticipating that! You can stuff a takedown but you can't stuff a left hook to the chin and no one really knows what kind of chin he has but I really think we will find out on Saturday, LETS FOOKEN GOOOO!!!

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