Conor McGregor sends message to Khabib and UFC, Chael Sonnen vs Tito Ortiz 2, TJ Dillashaw

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Conor McGregor sends message to Khabib and UFC, Chael Sonnen vs Tito Ortiz rematch, TJ Dillashaw UFC News and MMA News Daily

-TJ Dillashaw says “Leaving team Alpha Male was the best choice ever

-Anthony Smith says “I will be World champion or I’m gonna dîe trying”

-Chael Sonnen trash talks Tito Ortiz asking for a rematch

-Conor McGregor sends Khabib Nurmagomedov and Paulie Malignaggi a message

-Derrick Lewis says he would take a fight with Jon Jones

-Joanne Calderwood talks about moving up weight class from 115 to 125

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38 thoughts on “Conor McGregor sends message to Khabib and UFC, Chael Sonnen vs Tito Ortiz 2, TJ Dillashaw

  1. Mctapper is a joke.

    You break the rules, and the ref lets you get away with it, you obviously are salty still that you lost, clasping at straw are we? You got rocked…deal with it little boy.

  2. Conor is still having nightmares…
    In Conor's dreams Khabib would be like – Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah, I know you don't like it, Alhamdulillah, You broke bus, I broke you..
    ha ha ha..

  3. Not a fan of the Irish mouth and I'm Irish myself .but no way would I support a Muslim. The Irish mouth just bad mouths other fighters .Muslims like to cut heads of and if that's not enough think how they kill animals

  4. He has no idea what a snake in the grass is and he has his juice shop?!?!? Lamfo I no when u leave the gym that made you a champ and even employed your other back stabber "coach" bang. One day he will realize without Alpha he would be nothing

  5. So that's your whole thing now Macbitchtapper: you calling your opponent a bitch while you get beat at the fight game that you so confidently say that your better than him. Dude you were being beat on the ground, than you got beaten on the feet because you were so worried about being taken down. Than you tapped to a neck crank: it wasn't even a choke to put your lights ou it was a pain type submission. Where is the advantages against Khabib!?!?

  6. the fight ended with Khabib humiliating Conor as the fake champion sat there ass down on the ground looking away in shame. There will be no hand shake bitch, so save your, "Its all business" For idiots like Floyd and Diaz. If I was to fight That guy, there will be no hand shake. If he beats me and tries to be nice, I will fight the motherfucker again. You are fake. he talks about broke bitches. he took single mothers money. Shit gets tough and you quit.

  7. Was gonna say something about Anthony's run through opponents and then I realized Jones was beating washed up old legends too before he had a real challenge is Gustaffson 1. Buy was Volkan Anthony's Gustaffson? I don't think so. Best of luck to him, but I think Jones crushes him. Not a Jones fan either, I just see what he is.

  8. Exactly how an arrogant ass would respond "Khabib was bitching to the ref … I was trying to drive my fingers into his Adams apple " LOL is it me or did he just admit to cheating ? Grabbing the cage , fingering Khabibs glove like a proper whore , so Conor wants to be able to fight dirty , good I hope he gets his eye poked in his next fight , alls fair Connie just business.

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