Conor McGregor Puts on a Clinic at the UFC 229 Workouts

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Conor McGregor shows off his skill as he works his standup with coach Kavanagh leading up to his fight with Nurmagomedov at the UFC 229 Open Workouts.


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23 thoughts on “Conor McGregor Puts on a Clinic at the UFC 229 Workouts”

  1. I've been thinking about how after Conor's fight with Mayweather, everyone got excited over the new striking skills he picked up and would take to MMA. This feeds into Chael Sonnen's "how good is Conor McGregor really?" conservation.

    And I think that's a fair assumption that Conor might bring new tools into this fight after that half-year stint in the ring.

    And with that same logic, you gotta wonder how deep Khabib's knowledge of combat sports is given his LIFE LONG knowledge. For all we know, he could be harvesting some Kill Bill-level, "this is the forbidden move that only me and two dudes know" kinda shit.

    You think it's a joke, but remember when we first saw Lyoto Machida front kick Randy Couture into the shadowrealm? And then we saw Anderson do it to Vitor? Didn't we all think that shit came from Karate Kid?

    Hey. If we can have faith in Conor's magical left hand, then why can't we have that same faith that Khabib has an equally dangerous kill switch in his arsenal.

    What I'm saying is.

    Khabib might just K.O Conor stiff. Khabib DOES have one punch K.O power. It might not pop up often, but it's there. People who've sparred Khabib mentioned that his striking isn't clean or technical, but it is effective.

    I think Khabib K.Os Conor McGregor stiff via Eagle punch in Rd.2.

  2. You ignorant cunts are laughable. Where will you's be in a couple days when Khabibs laid out on the mat with his face hanging off. You's won't be anywhere to be found. No more Khabib time, non of that bullshit. You's will be in hiding along with Khabib just like Conor did to Nate. Put that pussy into hiding for over two years. Conor is gonna walk through Khabib just like he did Edward. Only this time it will be much more cold and calculated and you's won't believe your eyes when Conor brutalizes him into the beating of his life. Blue lips. Khabib is a dead motherfucker.

  3. damn every single comment is from jealous. envious . conor hating virgins who have to pick sides like children watching wwe. just enjoy the fucking fight have an opinion and pipe down

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