Colby Covington Mad at UFC, Dana White

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20 thoughts on “Colby Covington Mad at UFC, Dana White

  1. Lol look at this fool now, he was acting like he was calling the shots and was the big man, now he’s been ejected outside the main event. The clown got clowned

  2. I honestly find it hilarious that people are bashing this kickboxer dude. DId you see the size Mayweather had on him. Then the size McGregor had on Mayweather? That would be like Mayweather fighting Wilder…..

  3. Im pissed too and im not even Colby. The dude a waaaaaay more dominant win against RDA in my opinion and the fight with him and T wood would be a more interesting match up fight day and pre fight shenanigans.

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