Chris Weidman, Jacare, Daniel Cormier and other UFC 230 moving parts…

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The UFC main event is Chris Weidman vs Jacare. Cormier vs Lewis is an encore. Weidman vs Jacare is three years in the making and with DC’s hand injury, UFC 230 is a very interesting night of fights.

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33 thoughts on “Chris Weidman, Jacare, Daniel Cormier and other UFC 230 moving parts…”

  1. Funny interviews don’t win fights, they just win fans. D.C. is going to wear Lewis out quickly and win a lopsided fight in which Lewis gets a few zingers in, maybe does momentary damage, nothing more. Won’t go more than three.

  2. The UFC should trade CM Punk for Chael. CM could get a fight more on his level and Chael could actually get paid for promoting the UFC. I keep forgetting he works for Bellator.

  3. funny thing is theres a fight between a guy from wales and a black dude at middleweight and their higher up on the paper view card then brunson adesanya after their fight and who are those guys ? card positioning is weird

  4. idk how many fights are on a normal PPV card
    but say you have 15fights
    and one fight gets dropped.
    why would you just make fight 14 the main event the fighters in fight number 14 fall off for some reason or another
    if you only have 14 fights doesn't it make more sense for fans to see the full number of fights in a night? i feel like its a little underwhelming to see the UFC bump one fight to a main event. sure there were world class fighters at MSG. there was at least 3 main event possibilities if i remember correctly. but my main point is that if you pay to go see 15 fights, you should get 15 fights. especially regarding how much the tickets to the event are. and even how much the PPV cost is.

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