Carla Esparza Accuses Claudia Gadelha Of Greasing At UFC 225: ‘She’s A Cheater’

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Carla Esparza speaks to Ariel Helwani on The MMA Hour about her fight with with Claudia Gadelha at UFC 225, why she thought Gadelha was cheating, what’s next for her career, and much more.

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40 thoughts on “Carla Esparza Accuses Claudia Gadelha Of Greasing At UFC 225: ‘She’s A Cheater’”

  1. Carla whipped that girls ass! Robbed for sure. Why do you think the fans were booing! Hey Claudia they wern't booing at Carla, they were booing at the judges decision!

  2. The only reason Claudia got those take downs was out of desperation to not get tagged anymore! Carla's striking has improved greatly!

  3. Why would you shake her hand if you felt like she cheated Carla? That's phony. You should've just gave her a head nod and walked off if that was the case.

  4. Thought Esparza won as well, impressed at how aggressive she was in the standup and how she hurt Claudia multiple times.

    Have to say though, not the best look to accuse someone of greasing after the fight is over and you didn't even mention it to your corner, now there's only doubt and no way to check whereas in the fight the referee could have done a proper check. Eitherway, her biggest success was in the standup, so not sure there's any point in complaining about greasing as she was hurting Claudia on the feet. Maybe she's just upset and irritated at the judges giving it to Claudia even though most though Esparza won.

    Also, kind of a sly move by Claudia in the post-fight interview when the crowd started booing the decision she told the crowd to not boo Carla, lol, they weren't booing her, they were booing the poor judges decision.

  5. I was rooting for Claudia and felt Carla won.
    Claudia didn't look good like she normally.
    Honestly even physically.
    She used to be jacked like Andrade but she was so soft looking and her cardio still sucked. She didnt fight like she normally does.

  6. Carla definitely won!
    Greasy Gadelha had no offensive or defensive damage. Carla made it a fight. She pushed forward with strikes Carla definitely won!
    Greasy Gadelha responded to Carla’s attacks by attempting to hold her. Holding is not fighting CARLA WINS

  7. Wah! Wah! WAh!

    WTF does "it is what it is" mean? That's stating the obvious. And if you thought your opponent was cheating but you don't raise it with the ref? That's on you. The best fighter won.

  8. To be honest i like the fact that judges have no judging standard. Yea, it does suck when you see a shitty decision but imagine if there was a standard. You wouldn’t see fighters working towards a finish. Everyone would just wrestlefuck for control.

  9. Now there are methods with greasing where you can't tell that someone greased until they start sweating. When they start sweating the oil they use will come out of their pores. So even when someone towels someone off or even if they took a shower the moment they start sweating the oil comes out again the skin is greasy. It last for more then an entire day and can easily be tested for.

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