Brock Lesnar’s UFC Return: Everything We Know So Far

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‘The Beast’ officially re-enters USADA’s drug-testing pool.

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36 thoughts on “Brock Lesnar’s UFC Return: Everything We Know So Far”

  1. We will lose 2 legends microphone fighter Paul Heyman coz there is no more Paul Heyman guys in Raw roster and and also we lost suplex city fighter brock lesnar By By big guy

  2. I like wwe and have done for 13 years. I also like UFC. I have no problem with someone going between the two. I do have a problem with how ufc and wwe seem to be slowly becoming similar. I alos have a problem with how long this belt isnt being defended for and how long it hasnt properly been on tv for and never really is.Fair play to the businessman side of Lesnar, if someone wanted to pay me ridiuclous amounts of money to keep me as champion whilst working no days ever then Id take that too. However, in all my time watching pro wrestling, mainly wwe, this has never happened. This belt doesnt have the history to allow it to be off of television for that long an even if it did, it still wouldnt be a good idea. The intrigue in that belt is slowly dwindling to the point that people are stopping caring about it. People argue that ufc belts are hardly ever defended but that is a totally irrelevant argument as it is a real combat sport that takes 6 month of training camps and weight cuts before each fight. WWE is scripted and the belt should be on tv. People complain about Reigns being shoved down their throats (and let me say, im not exactly the biggest fan) but then also moan about Lesnar not being on tv. Its a joke that people like reigns and the other wrestlers bust their backsides wrestling and travelling week in and out and dont get that same deal whilst also being able to hold the most prestigious belt the company has. When strowman won MITB i was so happy, then i realised it woulndt make a difference as Lesnar is never there to cash in. If you had said to me 5 years ago that the main belt would have payperviews go by where it isnt defended, i would have said you were crazy. I dont know what Mcmahon is thinking, but it sure as hell doesnt make sense right now.

  3. with all due respect, just go back to UFC for good and don't come wwe again for "part time" post =-=ll you are a big thing but you sucks in your timetable management

  4. This video epitomizes a lot of what I (and most MMA fans) hate about Brock Lesnar.

    1. That dual-promotion-champion comment: Before Brock Lesnar, Dana White NEVER let his fighters do cross-promotion stuff. Once they were signed to UFC, that was the only company they could fight for. He wouldn't allow Tim Sylvia to fight Fedor, Anderson Silva couldn't fight RJJ, etc. But Dana White waffles as much as Donald Trump, so it's no surprise to me that he'd let Brock break the rules because he's a big money draw.
    2. He can't decide what he wants to do – One of the big criticisms of Brock when he first entered the UFC was the he was just looking for a payday and not to pursue a dream. Save for the WWE, any time things get tough, he packs up his toys and goes wherever the grass is greenest. As soon as he realizes he can't be a title holder in the UFC again, he'll be looking for his next payday.
    3. He's always gotten special treatment because he's "Brock" – Brock's first MMA run was all based on his size and star power, not his MMA ability. His PRO MMA record before his first title fight was only 2-1, and his biggest victory was wining a lackluster decision to Heath Herring. Then they put him up against Randy Couture (who was 45 and was at the tail end of his MMA career) because they knew he could win the fight. Fast forward to 2018; He hasn't won a fight since 2010, his last MMA win was overturned because of banned substances, and Now he's a getting a title shot against DC? His re-entering the UFC is stain on the legitimacy of it's title.

    Stay in the WWE Brock. It's what you're good at.

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