Brock Lesnar LOSSES in MMA Fights / Demolition of “WAR MACHINE”

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All 3 losses Brock Lesnar in a professional MMA career. “War Machine” gets in the face. Compilation 2016
1) 1:42 Frank Mir VS Brock Lesnar
2) 2:49 Cain Velasquez
3) 3:32 Alistair Overeem
SOUNDTRACK: Voltox – Portals (Original Mix)
Very soon, the channel will be the new video on the subject of defeats top MMA fighters (martial art) !!!
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Brock Edward Lesnar is an American-Canadian professional wrestler, mixed martial artist, and former amateur wrestler and professional American football player. He is currently signed to WWE on the Raw brand. He is a four-time WWE (World) Champion, a former UFC Heavyweight Champion, and a NCAA Division I Heavyweight Wrestling Champion.

39 thoughts on “Brock Lesnar LOSSES in MMA Fights / Demolition of “WAR MACHINE””

  1. Cain Velasquez teri ma ki boshi kute k bij teri gand mein itna Dum h na to WWE SmackDown mein aa fair dekte hai teri gand mein kitna dum ek fight jeet k tu apne aap ko dangerous champion maan ne lage ho tu to kuch nhi tere se bahut bade bade super champion ko Brock Lesnar n harya h tu to hai hi kishi khat ki muli,. dunya ka sabse bada champion h Brock Lessner……

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