Best 20 Non-UFC MMA Submissions (2017)

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MMA Submissions highlights is here! We collect 20 the best MMA Submissions from 2017! Flying Armbar, Helicopter Double Armbar, Standing Guillotine, Crucifix, Gogoplata, Twister Submission and much more!
See 20 superb moves from MMA and enjoy! No UFC and Bellatore here!

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48 thoughts on “Best 20 Non-UFC MMA Submissions (2017)

  1. Was the first submission legal? I know in the UFC certain moves are band because of cause of potential death. I know that's insane knowing that every move in the UFC alone can cause death. It's a combat sport. But just saying as far as the neck goes only certain neck submissions are allowed, I mean u can break a man's neck by using the much force.

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