Ben Askren wants to Smash Khabib Nurmagomedov, MMA Community Reacts to DJ – Ben Askren, Dana White

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Ben Askren wants to Smash Khabib Nurmagomedov, MMA Community Reacts to DJ – Ben Askren Trade, Dana White

– MMA Community react to Demetrious Johnson for Ben Askren trade by UFC, ONE Championship

– Michael Bisping and Kenny Florian on Ben Askren, Demetrious Johnson trade

– Ben Askren calls out Colby Covington for UFC debut, hints at Khabib humbling

– Ryan Bader on a hypothetical match up against Derrick Lewis

– Valentina Shevchenko on Joanna Jedrzejczyk bout

36 thoughts on “Ben Askren wants to Smash Khabib Nurmagomedov, MMA Community Reacts to DJ – Ben Askren, Dana White”

  1. Flat footed, mediocre striking, padded record. I'm not impressed with Askren, hes going to be mauled by any top 5 guys in whatever weightclass hes going to fight in. This isn't ONE he will be outclassed.

  2. This doesn't surprise me at all. Johnson is a great fighter. Ben should walk lightly , cause if he makes it in the octagon with Khabid, might make him humble. Just more ufc bullshit.

  3. Askren's punches are so slow and devoid of snap it's laughable. Khabib would utterly humiliate him. Looking for a pay day but should just shut his fucking mouth and fight someone decent instead of one dimensional cans.

  4. asked can fight his way thru the rankings ,isn't he new to the ufc follow the yellow brick rd mother fucker .time to switch to bellator ,back to the real fight game with rankings .I ain't looking to watch soap operas with combat sports .

  5. Haha watch Askren get rocked and knocked out in his UFC debut. He should get a few fights under his belt in the UFC before getting all overly confident on social media.

  6. Get dj out, guy is lighter than the women division god damn. Good trade UFC 👌 dj shouldve moved up in weight. If he did, he wouldve got better fights. I mean who the hell is gonna fight when all the big names are at other divisions. Khabib fan boys dont give a fuck until he loses and gets his first L. Khabib needs to go agaisnt someone with fine bjj and ground skills. He has not. And he isnt as humble and the kiss assers think he is. But khabaib is a beast and so is ben. Show respect fanboys bandwagon ass foos

  7. Ryan Bader lost every time he went against top opposition either submitted or ko'ed like losing to Jones, Tito, lyota, glover and anthony. No heart, Lacking elite skills which is why he's at bellator that's the truth.

  8. I dont See In A Hundres years ben askren beating Khabib or Twood ..he has no striking game whatsoever..he gonna be fuck knock out..inside the octagon..he fought nobodies…thata why he is undefeated..simple As that

  9. Dana is a sore looser. For years, he rejected Ben Askren who he detests. He also detests Demetrious Johnson. But NOW, that Khabib obliterated his golden boy Conor Dana is signing a man he dislikes just because Ben Askren has the best wrestling to defeat Khabib Nurmagomedov. As many have said, Dana has thin skin, is egocentric and vindictive.

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