Ben Askren Talks First UFC Win & Not Interested In Robbie Lawler Rematch

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Ben Askren (19-0, NC) discusses his submission win over Robbie Lawler (28-13) at UFC 235.

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31 thoughts on “Ben Askren Talks First UFC Win & Not Interested In Robbie Lawler Rematch

  1. Said it multiple times Askren is a future Champ in the UFC…hes only going to get better too with Mulitple UFC Training camps and Opportunities that are going to become Available to him and he did what People said he wouldn't, he Got the better of Robbie who we all know is a Fucking Animal in the Cage and Took Robbie's best shots and STILL came out on top…Job Done at the end of the day, Congrats to Ben Askren.

  2. https://youtu.be/mdU1U4hv6cE nah if you see Lawler in the lock from the clinch. The ref went to grab his hand, he pulls it away and gives a thumbs up yet the ref quick on the trigger stops it. Lawler wasn't out but it is what it is. I don't blame Askren for not wanting the rematch either becuase he did take one of the hardest matchups for him possible as a debute. Plus the ref stopping it like that isnt really his prob. However this'll blemish his W regardless.

  3. Don’t respect this guy he has the nerve to disrespect Robbie like that after the fight saying to daina “is that all you got” after winning a fight due to a false call before that occurrence he was getting his face smashed in by Robbie he doesn’t deserve the win

  4. Robbie did pass out but came back alive before Herb stepped in and gave him the thumbs up. It is weird how his arm flopped lifelessly and people are claiming he never went out. It’s obvious

  5. Stoppage was weird. Everyone agree on thats. But Ben had what, 1min 40 secs left choke in, weight on top, Robbie wasn't fighting the choke, and Ben has a ridiculous squeeze. I was rooting for the ruthless one, but fuck me I doubt he was getting out of that. Insane durability Askren has too.

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