America’s First Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship

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Since its heyday in the late 1800s, bare-knuckle boxing in the US has been relegated to parking lots and grimy basements, an underground sport that couldn’t find a way to bring itself above board. But in June of 2018—after spending years petitioning almost 30 states to sanction the brutal fights—promoter David Feldman finally managed to stage America’s first-ever legal bare-knuckle boxing match in Wyoming.

VICE went to the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championships in Cheyenne a few days ahead of the big event to hear how Feldman managed to pull it off, and to meet a handful of fighters for whom boxing—and even MMA fighting—just isn’t hardcore enough.

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23 thoughts on “America’s First Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship”

  1. Hey whatever let's the knuckleheads get rid of bad energy and aggression, I'm supportive of that.
    If mashing heads is what makes you happy and it's mutually consensual, then have at it.

  2. These were some good fights but its not good for the health of the fighter to have their hands broken all the time, then we can’t see them fight as often!

  3. The first bare knuckle event in the world…? Wow bro ego much..? Bare knuckle boxing has been around for ages. People have been going to them around the world for decades now. Started in the early 1900’s in migrant communities.

  4. Honestly this still wont beat mma popularity, Legs kick grapples and knees make it so much more interesting and technical, This looks like two people trading blows til someone falls. It looks sloppy.

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