Solskjaer can’t move back to his home in England, thanks to Liverpool star who currently stays there

Manchester United boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer already has a lot of work in his hands, as he is trying hard to bring the team back to their glory days. And to be fair, the Norweigian has done a great job so far, so much that he is already touted to be their permanent manager next season.

The recent 3-2 win over Southampton was his 13th win in 16 matches in charge till date, and it looks like the man himself has hopes of making his current job full-time from the upcoming summer.

The Sun has since reported that Ed Woodward and the former United player have already agreed terms, an indication to it also given by Solskjaer himself as he moved out of the Lowry Hotel in Manchester – probably to look for a more permanent place to settle down.

The Lowry was an arrangement made by the club, a room in the five-star hotel being previously used by Mourinho during his entire 185-week stay in England.

Though Solskjaer has moved out, he has since encountered another “slight” problem with his place of stay.

It so appears that he had purchased a 5-bedroom house at Cheshire during his playing days with the Red Devils, but had put it up for sale four years ago when he first planned to leave the country.

And buyers weren’t available, until a certain young man named Virgil van Dijk, swapped loyalties between Southampton and Liverpool, and picked up the mansion on lease, while turning up to play for the Merseyside outfit.

So basically, United’s boss has unwittingly rented out his home to one of their arch-rivals’ main men, and now faces the rather-funny-yet-awkward situation to find another place to live. As per the tenancy clause, he also cannot ask the Dutch centerback to vacate all of a sudden, unless he finds the latter and his family, another place to stay.

So either way, Solskjaer will have to hunt for a new home, as it stands now.

“Excuse me, may I have my house back?”

Close sources to Solskjaer reportedly told The Sun, “Ole probably never thought he would be coming back to Manchester but now as he is back, it really is ironic he can’t move back into his old place which he still owns.”

“There are a few grins from people who know that Van Dijk is the tenant – a player for one of United’s fiercest rivals!”

This is arguably one of the most bizarre soccer-stories we will be hearing anytime soon.

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