Roger Federer’s life-long fan bets £50,000 that he will win Wimbledon 2017

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Published:July 16, 2017 3:27 pm

Roger Federer is an overwhelming favourite to win the Wimbledon title as per the agency Bet Bonus-Code. (Source: Reuters)

When Roger Federer steps up to the famed Centre Court at Wimbledon on Sunday, against Marin Cilic, he will carry the weight and burden of vying for a record eighth title at the All England Club. With hundreds in attendance and thousands watching from the screen placed at the hill, not to forget the millions glued to the TV screen, Federer will have to bear the expectations of one man from North London. George, head of a financial tech company, would have clearly spent sleepless nights over the course of the fortnight after putting £50,000 down to seeing Federer lift the golden trophy for a historic eighth time. To add to George’s nerves – he hasn’t told his girlfriend!

“She’s not terribly into tennis so I’m not sure she’ll be best pleased,” said the 36-year-old quoted by Daily Telegraph. “I don’t do it often (bet) but when I do it, I make sure to do it properly. My bet on Federer came about on a boys’ night out, I’m ashamed to admit, but having watched him this season, I felt fairly confident that he could go all the way,” he added.

To be fair to George, his research has been strong. Federer has four joint-most titles this year (four) and should he win Wimbledon, he will move to World No 3 in the rankings. His title tally so far includes Australian Open, Indian Wells, Miami and Halle. Add to George’s confidence, Federer hasn’t dropped a set since losing in Stuttgart – which is 26 straight sets – spanning across Halle and Wimbledon.

“Having won the three biggest tournaments played this season and with the decision to focus on grass and hard court tournaments as opposed to those on clay, it appeared he was gearing up to win his eight Wimbledon trophy. He’s also come across so much more confident this year, than he has in a very long time. Federer wants to win.”

“Although my bet makes me nervous, and has left me sleepless for weeks, out of any bets I’ve placed recently, this is the one I feel most confident in… maybe I’ve jinxed it now!,” he said.

George has followed Federer’s journey across the globe while seen him play at 20 tournaments and he will be in attendance at Centre Court. If George wins, he will take home a handsome £162,000 while admitting to call time on his betting career convinced he could not be so lucky twice.

“My girlfriend thinks I’m mad spending so much time and money watching tennis. Although I’m sure she’ll be rather delighted with the bet, should I win, as who could be angry when winning such an amount of money?”

Should he win, which looks probably considering how Federer is playing, ask what George what he would do with the winnings and he said, “I’ll probably have to propose to my girlfriend as otherwise she may leave me when she finds out how much money I placed on this bet!”.

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