Raissman: Joe Benigno and Evan Roberts take Jets fanboy act to new low with media assaults over Adam Gase hire

As the NFL playoffs continue, here’s another reason for Giants/Jets fans to be depressed. Since opening its doors, Met Life Stadium has hosted essentially 18 NFL seasons (nine for Jets, nine for Giants). Combined, they have hosted one home playoff game in this stadium — one. The Super Bowl doesn’t count. So, fans should encourage both teams to make the most unorthodox moves. They have nothing, absolutely nothing, to lose. … When CMB’s Maggie Gray pushes back on Chris Carlin the sounds are electric, like Wednesday when Maggie Mouth disrupted Mr. C’s campaign to have the Jets hire McCarthy. … On the other side of the moon, CMB is a two-hour show. So why the trio wasted time chatting up Bart Scott’s fur boots is a mystery to me, and probably others. … Why does Don La Greca, day after day on ESPN-98.7’s “The Michael Kay Show,” give management every reason to fire him. Is this DLG doing shtick? Or is he really tired of standing in the shadow of Kay?

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