Four new football rules set to become active from the start of the 2019-’20 season

The International Football Association Board (IFAB) founded in 1886, is the World’s biggest regulatory authority concerned with lawmaking in the game.

FIFA subscribes to IFAB’s laws while conducting any football game on the planet.

As of latest, the IFAB announced a set of new rules that will come into effect from next season. Sky Sports reports that four major rule-changes have been considered as most fundamental. Here is a detailed report on each one of them.

1. Accidental handball goals will no longer stand

Regardless of intention, goals which materialise after hitting a player’s hand will no longer be allowed. Hence, even if the handball was not intentional, the goal will not be considered.

Trying to clear some of the ambiguity from this latest decision, former Premier League referee Dermot Gallagher said: “80 per cent of the handballs that referees give are not deliberate, but because a player gains a material advantage. Taking the word deliberate out will eradicate that.”

“We will still have the problem of asking has he made himself bigger, has he put his arms in an unnatural position? There will still be the arm close to the body that will hit the arm and the referee will deny a penalty,” Gallagher clarified.

2. Substituted players can leave the field at any point of the pitch

Four New Football Rules Set To Become Active From The Start Of The 2019-'20 Season

Whenever a substitution is made, the replaced player has to go off the field at the halfway line and nowhere else – but only until the end of this season.

The summer of 2019 will see a new rule wherein players will be allowed to leave the pitch off the nearest boundary they can find, reducing the amount of time wasted in each substitution move.

“Some of the teams hanging on in the past have made a substitute when they are the furthest player from the technical area. This will no longer apply. Whether they decide to go to the nearest point remains to be seen, but it’s up to the referee to invoke that,” Sky Sports quoted Gallagher as saying.

3. No attacking players in the wall

Four New Football Rules Set To Become Active From The Start Of The 2019-'20 Season

In recent years, attacking teams have increasingly employed their players in freekick walls created by the opposition. This acts a decoy that will essentially distract the defenders, while some other player uses the new-found opportunity to score a goal.

However, it will no longer be allowed, as it has been decided that attackers will be made to stand at least one metre away from the wall, while the freekick is being taken.

4. Coaches can receive cards from the referee

Four New Football Rules Set To Become Active From The Start Of The 2019-'20 Season

Until this season, football coaches have only been condemned verbally for any violation of conduct. But that will no longer be the case as they are also bound to receive yellow and red cards from match referees, based on various degrees of offence or misconduct that they may be responsible for.

The EFL had adopted a similar law last year, wherein managers could receive one-match suspensions provided any violation of rules occurred from their part.

In addition, the IFAB was also widely believed to have banned rebounds off saved penalties. But that motion was apparently dropped in a previous meeting from November, and has not been discussed by the board since.

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