5 WWE Superstars who made appearances in video games not related to WWE

WWE Superstars are known for being the larger than life characters they regularly portray on the screen. However, they are far more than just wrestlers; they are entertainers as well. As a result, sometimes they spill outside the usual recipe of fun wrestling games, and into other video games as well. Here are 5 WWE Superstars who appeared in non-wrestling games.

‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage in Cars: Race-O-Rama

The Macho Man’s voice is unmistakable to any wrestling fan. So when he voiced the evil ‘El Machismo’ in Cars: Race-O-Rama, it took fans only seconds to place it.

In the game, his character is the protege of the actual villain, Chick Hicks. Later in the course of the game, he has a change of heart and sides with Lightning McQueen, turning against his once-mentor.

Brock Lesnar in Madden ’05 and ’06 and UFC games

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Brock Lesnar has had his fingers in many pies. Starting his career in amateur wrestling, he soon took it to the next level by joining WWE. After what many consider to be an incredible run in the wrestling promotion, he left after 2004 to play in the NFL.

He would later also join the UFC and fight there, before returning to the WWE.

Given his massive career, it is not a surprise that Lesnar appears in Madden ’05 and 06. He was also the cover athlete for UFC Undisputed 2010 and featured in other UFC games.

‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin in Family Guy: The Quest For Stuff

5 WWE Superstars Who Made Appearances In Video Games Not Related To WWE

In this game, Stone Cold’s character makes an appearance. Austin did not voice the character himself, but his likeness was made available for the game.

Inside the game itself, Austin gathers points by hitting different jobbers with a lot of Stone Cold Stunners. However, his character is apparently even then haunted by his fitness tracker.

The video game was a made-for-mobile game, using Seth McFarlane’s characters from his television show to build a world.

Roman Reigns in NCAA College Football 2005

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Roman Reigns might have made a huge career out of his run in WWE, but before that, he had performed elsewhere. He was in a non-WWE game long before the idea of him as a WWE wrestler had ever entered anyone’s minds.

At the beginning of his adult life, Reigns had been an American Football player. During this time, he featured in the video game EA’s NCAA Football 2005, under his original name, Joe Anoa’i.

The Rock in Scorpion King: Rise of Akkadian, and Spyhunter: Nowhere to run

5 WWE Superstars Who Made Appearances In Video Games Not Related To WWE

The Rock is one of the biggest mainstream superstars to have ever stepped foot in the WWE. After his WWE career, he made quite a splash in Hollywood and has continued to revel there.

While he obviously featured in a lot of wrestling games, he was also a heavy feature in the Scorpion King: Rise of the Akkadian. He was also a part of Spyhunter: Nowhere to run. Unfortunately for ‘The Great One’ neither game did very well.

While his movie career continues to flourish, his video game career might be on hold…. for now.

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