5 Wrestling legends who don’t have 5-star matches

Wrestlers are performers who put on shows to the best of their abilities to entertain the audiences. Some of these wrestlers put everything on the line to make sure that their performances are unforgettable. Only the best matches, however, are the ones which end up with 5-star ratings. These are those matches where every aspect turned out to be perfect. As a result, often quite a few top wrestling legends have missed out on 5-star matches.

In this article, we will be talking about 5 wrestling legends who don’t have 5-star matches.

The Rock

One of the most electrifying superstars to ever participate in a wrestling match, The Rock remains one of those legends to have never gotten a 5-star match. He did, however, come extremely close a couple of times. On five separate occasions, the Rock came close to getting a 5-star match. While three of those were in multi-man matches, on two occasions Rock managed to get a 4.5-star rating in singles competition. One of those was against Chris Jericho at WWE No Mercy (2001) and the other was his famous match against Steve Austin at WrestleMania 17.

Rob Van Dam

5 Wrestling Legends Who Don't Have 5-star Matches

Another huge part of WWE’s Attitude Era, Rob Van Dam remains without any 5-star matches to his name. Throughout his career, he has wrestled extensively and all around the globe but never received the top rating. On 4 separate occasions, he came really close. Two of those were in multi-man ladder matches and one of those was a Survivor Series match. The one time that he was able to get a 4.5 rating in a singles match, it was against Dan Kroffat in AJPW.

Brock Lesnar

5 Wrestling Legends Who Don't Have 5-star Matches

People may be prone to criticize Brock Lesnar for his lack of interest in matches, but his ability is without question. Since returning to the WWE in 2012, he has racked up 5 4.5-star matches. As if that was not enough, he even managed two 4.75 ratings as well. However, the much desired 5-star match rating somehow avoided him. His two 4.75 ratings came in his multi-man SummerSlam 2017 match and when he took on John Cena and Seth Rollins in a Triple Threat in 2015.

Kurt Angle

5 Wrestling Legends Who Don't Have 5-star Matches

Kurt Angle is one of the most accomplished athletes to ever enter a WWE ring. In the ring as well, he was no slouch. He performed at the top level, bringing out the best in his opponents. His feud with Shawn Michaels saw them put out two impressive matches, incidentally rated 4.75 and 4.5. However, the 5-star matches stayed always out of his reach. Another one of his matches which can never be forgotten came against Chris Benoit. Putting aside what happened later, at Royal Rumble 2003, these two men tore up the ring getting another 4.75 rated match.


5 Wrestling Legends Who Don't Have 5-star Matches

The Rated-R Superstar’s career may have ended early due to unfortunate circumstances, but his career had more amazing matches than most stars have in a lifetime. He managed to take on legend after legend, be it John Cena, The Undertaker, Kurt Angle, or Eddie Guerrero, and get a brilliant match out of each of them.

However, the all-important 5-star match was something that eluded him. He still managed to make history by pioneering the TLC match alongside Christian against the Dudley Boyz and the Hardy Boyz — something that all wrestling fans are grateful to him for.

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