5 Singapore Sevens costume ideas to one-up #avoman

Ahead of the Singapore Sevens, FOX Sports Asia picks out five costume ideas that can rival the Sydney Sevens’ fan icon – the Avocado man!

Typically, rugby fans tend to remember the action on the pitch rather than what goes off it. But that was not the case at the Sydney 7s earlier this year!

Taking the world by storm, an Aussie fan dressed as his country’s most beloved fruit became the life of the party at the January tournament.

Affectionately known as the Avocado man, the rugby fan from Down Under broke the internet after the event organisers tweeted a photo of him on Twitter – garnering close to 9000 likes and over 4000 retweets.

#avoman was such a hit that he was stopped by rugby fans as well as players alike for photos throughout and was seen as DA icon of the 2018 Sydney Sevens.

With the HSBC Singapore Rugby Sevens fast approaching, which local rugby fan will step up to become our tournament icon?

The annual rugby showpiece returns to the Singapore Sports Hub during the weekend of April 28 and 29 and pits 16 national teams against each other for the World series title! Fans can expect a wide variety of activities ranging from the Fun Zone for the kids to exciting after-parties right in the heart of the city.

Aside from the customary rugby fan warpaint, here are five costume ideas that we have come up with that can give #avoman a run for his money and make it uniquely Singapore!

1. Durian King

Also known as the king of fruits, durians are a matter of national pride here in Singapore.

If there is anything that can unite Singapore rugby fans from all walks of life, it will have to be the humble thorny fruit which can cost up to S$30 per kilo! It is no coincidence that the fruit is also the nickname of the nation’s premier performing arts theatre – the Esplanade.

Not only is it the right season to dress up as one right now, the spiky getup makes that you will always be the only one in line whenever you make a food or beer run! #toospikytohandle

2. Merlion

Photo sourced from Carousell

Created in 1964, the Merlion is a mythical creature synonymous with Singapore.

The half lion, half fish mascot’s name roughly translates to mean sea lion – though it is a whole different animal from its English namesake.

The animal combination might seems weird at first, but imagine clearing long lines with a swipe of your lion claws and propelling past the crowd using your graceful fish tail at the Singapore Sevens! #merlionpowerftw

3. Rambutan Boy

Native to Southeast Asia, the rambutan is a distinctly bright red fruit which is covered with spines.

The sweet lychee-like produce’s name actually means hairy fruit when translated and is a particular favourite with both the young and old alike.

Besides being local slang for something naughty, a rambutan outfit will instantly put you on the right side of luck – considering that red is a lucky colour in Chinese tradition. So are you ballsy enough to be a rambutan?

4. Vanda Miss Joaquim (Singapore Orchid)

Want to go as something uniquely Singaporean? Then be the orchid among the thorns by going as Singapore’s national flower – Vanda Miss Joaquim.

Vanda Miss Joaqium is derived from two species of orchids and its hybrid nature is reflective of the nation’s melting pot culture.

So what are you waiting for? Deck up your petals, and prepare to busk in the sun as you soak up all the rugby action at the Singapore Sports Hub!

5. Chilli Crab

There is nothing more essential about Singapore melting pot culture than its food. And the humble chilli crab is a fair reflection of that!

Created in 1956, the dish comprises of mud crabs stired fried in a tomato and chilli sauce.

Listed as one of CNN Go‘s World’s 50 most delicious food, you can be sure that you will spice things up at the Singapore Sevens hehe. After all, everyone will want a piece of you.

The HSBC Singapore Rugby Sevens takes place on the 28 to 29 April at the Singapore Sports Hub.

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