3 things you missed at the Jay Chou concert

FOX Sports Asia was in the crowd for Mandopop crooner Jay Chou headlining gig and we noticed these three major talking points.

The 2018 Singapore Grand Prix (GP) weekend is finally upon us with the Formula 1 (F1) cars out in full force for Friday’s free practice sessions.

While race fans were initially drowning in the drone of the V6 engines, that changed once Mandopop king Jay Chou stepped up to the Padang stage and played to a 45,000-strong crowd later on in the Singapore night.

Here are three noteworthy things that we noticed from the Taiwanese singer’s headline gig…

So crystal clear that you can hear what Jay is actually singing!

Just as how the quality of car tyres is tied to an F1 team’s performance, a concert ultimately makes or breaks depending on the quality of the sound delivered. So kudos to the Singapore GP team for getting their concert sound on point!

Having been plagued with poor sound in his 2016 The Invincible Jay Chou Concert Tour here (which even prompted a petition for refunds!), fans would have been pleasantly surprised by the balanced sound mix which could handle pacy jazz numbers such as Turkish Ice Cream and yet provide layers of clarity when he whipped out early rap hit Dad, I’m Home from his 2001 album Fantasy.

Jay has the voice

Armed with nothing between him and the audience but save a piano, Jay Chou turned on the charms as the personable piano man of the night.

There is little doubt that the 15-time Golden Melody Award winner has come a long way since his 2001 debut as a rising rapper. Hands up if you remember watching his movie debut in 2005’s Initial D – which theme song All The Way North Jay brought out as part of his promise to incorporate some racing elements.

Jay’s matured vocals and personal brand of music has evolved to reflect his diverse musical taste. During the middle of his set, Jay invited his Sing! China mentee, Singaporean songstress Joanna Dong up on stage for Broadway-inspired renditions of his songs Cowboy Is Busy and Sailor Afraid Of Water.

Jay fans here, Jay fans there, Jay fans everywhere…

Reflecting the cosmopolitan spirit of the host city, the fans who were at the Jay Chou concert were safe to say, diverse. Locals stood side by side with other Asian fans and even a small, but sizable amount of international fans was present in the melting pot of audience.

Perhaps that is also why it was not so surprising then to hear Jay and her special guest Joanna Dong address the crowd in both English and Mandarin; switching seamlessly between the two languages. The serendipitous female singer capped her appearance off with her own take on the Frank Sinatra classic Come Fly with Me – winning the crowd over with her impressive beatboxing trumpet solo.

Add to that elaborate lighting, top-notch visuals, sequinned costumes which would give Taylor Swift a run for her money, and you can see why even the musical sceptics were converted as the concert crowd spilled out onto the street!

3 Things You Missed At The Jay Chou Concert
Photo sourced from Singapore GP Facebook


Photo credit: Singapore Grand Prix

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