10 best finishers in WWE 2K19

WWE 2K19 is the latest of WWE’s series of game releases. Hosting a whole new set of features this time, the game is the next step in WWE’s 2K series. Like any good WWE games, this game too has a whole set of amazing finishing moves the fans can look forward to.

In this article, we will take a look at the 10 best finishers in WWE 2K19.

Drew McIntyre – Claymore

Drew McIntyre’s Claymore in WWE 2K19 is one of the top finishers in the game this year. Much like McIntyre’s ever-increasing stock in real life, this game finisher is an amazing addition to his character. He knocks down his opponent to one knee before hitting him with the running one-legged dropkick.

Goldberg – Jackhammer

10 Best Finishers In WWE 2K19

Forever a dominating move if there ever was one, Goldberg’s Jackhammer remains near the top of this list. The ever dominant wrestler had made a comeback in the WWE recently, which saw him as strong as ever.

Rey Mysterio – 619

10 Best Finishers In WWE 2K19

Making a return to the WWE gaming franchise is one of the most exciting wrestlers in the world. In WWE 2K19, gans can play as Rey Mysterio. His 619 is still one of the most amazing moves to see.

Ronda Rousey – Armbar

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Ronda Rousey is not joking around in the WWE. Having become Women’s Champion in the very first few months of her run in the company, Rousey takes things to the next level with her in-game finisher.

She first flips her opponent around on to their back, before grabbing their arm and wrenching down with the Armbar.

Undertaker – Tombstone Piledriver

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For as long as the Phenom continues to feature in video games, it is impossible not to add his Tombstone Piledriver to the list.

The Undertaker’s Tombstone remains one of the most dreaded moves even in this version of the WWE game.

Ember Moon – Eclipse

10 Best Finishers In WWE 2K19

At this point, can we just say that Ember Moon’s Eclipse is one of the legitimately best-looking finishers in the game? Ember Moon hits the top rope finisher, where she jumps off and hits what is basically a stunner on her opponent. That’s a move that can finish anyone, and it even comes with a lot of grace.

Pete Dunne – Bitter End

10 Best Finishers In WWE 2K19

When we are talking about Pete Dunne, we are talking about the future of the WWE. Right now, the future sure looks promising. Coming in at number 4 on this list is his move, Bitter End. The Bruiserweight picks up his opponent before slamming them down face first on the mat beside him.

Shawn Michaels – Sweet Chin Music

10 Best Finishers In WWE 2K19

The Superkick is a move everyone seems to be doing right now, but no one can pull it off like the Heartbreak Kid. Shawn Michaels made the move what it is, and when he delivered it, it was a finisher like few others. The Heartbreak Kid is in this year’s game, and so is the Sweet Chin Music.

Roman Reigns – The Spear

10 Best Finishers In WWE 2K19

Roman Reigns’ Spear can be hit from any angle in WWE 2K19. To take out running opponents, or stars jumping from the top rope, The Spear is one of the best moves in the game. Extremely powerful, the user is certainly likely to win if he can connect with this devastating move.

Randy Orton – RKO

10 Best Finishers In WWE 2K19

It is highly improbable a move as beautiful and efficient as the RKO will ever be invented. The WWE Superstar’s RKO remains the three most destructive letters in the WWE. WWE 2K19’s best move by far is Orton’s RKO ‘out of nowhere’.

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