WARRIORS vs TRAIL BLAZERS | POR Pulls Away In The 4th | February 13, 2019

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The Trail Blazers outscored the Warriors, 35-12 in the 4th quarter (including a 19-4 run to close the game) to earn a 129-107 victory tonight in Portland. Damian Lillard led the Trail Blazers with 29 points (9-15 FG) and 8 assists, while Jake Layman totaled 17 points (12 in the 4th quarter) in the victory. Seven different Trail Blazers finished with double-figure point totals. Kevin Durant (3 blocks) and Stephen Curry (7 rebounds) led the Warriors with 32 points apiece in the losing effort. With the win, the Trail Blazers improve to 34-23, while the Warriors fall to 41-16 on the season.

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38 thoughts on “WARRIORS vs TRAIL BLAZERS | POR Pulls Away In The 4th | February 13, 2019

  1. Warriors let the Blazers win just so they could bully Collins and it was worth it, very entertaining end of the 4th. If you disagree you either didnt watch the game or you're butthurt bc I said the Warriors let them win 😂

  2. And at the Lakers get the Warriors in the first round they will not be swept that's one thing I do know but the Warriors will not win a ship this year I'm willing to put money on it teams are too good they're not going to let it happen

  3. The GSW need better bench players! And this game was rigged it's like the Mavs vs heat in the 2006 finals! I think draymond got all ball! Zach (flop) Collins annoys me now!

  4. So one above all save it save it save the drama we don't need it they're going to get smashed this year believe that so does energy will be conserved in the playoffs because the Warriors will lose

  5. Thats crazy they held the Warriors to 8 points in the 4th because just the other day they had their worst 4 th quarter in franchise history with only 9 points , weird coincidence. Considering the Blazers only have one allstar theyre a pretty dam good team . Most the top teams have at least 2 allstars , Golden state has like 4 or 5 or is it 6 ? allstars and or former allstars .

  6. When Portlands bench plays well they almost always win , when their bench plays bad they almost always lose . I guess thats how most nba teams are though really , you need most the guys on the team to be on usually.

  7. GSW got pissed and went after Collins with some hard fouls… Collins stood his ground and proved himself here, much respect. Draymond and KD both hit him HARD, and finally Draymond gets called out on his DERP GOTTA PROTEC MAH AND 1 flagrant foul bullshit. If only the refs would stop allowing him to make them his bitch.

  8. Warriors this is the super team they lost by 22 points against Portland I was expecting close game or win for the warriors but to lose like that, that's embarrassing, others teams without super stars they play better, Milwaukee just one super star and rest of the team play hard, Toronto one super star Leonard and the rest of the team play hard, same thing with others teams, the warriors have 5 super stars the 2 best 3 point shooters in NBA history, Kevin Durant the best player in the NBA and the best bench in NBA, this season they lost so many games by 20 points or more and at this point of the season 41 and 16 this is embarrassing they should be in a better position what's up warriors wake up

  9. Everybody is shitting on gsw, but I'm a Mavs fan and I don't think they deserve the hate. I mean the blazers literally got an 8 point play in the second quarter AND Steve Kerr got thrown out. It's kind of hard to win without a coach.

  10. Worriors record against top five seeded teams is 6-11. LMAO! Four of those wins against Boston, Portland and Indiana, easily the weakest of the top five teams, well… unless you include Fool's Golden State. LoL

  11. It's a loss the GSW can afford , no team is invincible , but a season game is so different than a semi finals , i am a Raptors fan , but no team in the west will win against the Warriors this season , and that is a fact …

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