WARRIORS vs 76ERS | Down To The Wire Action In Philadephia | March 2, 2019

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The Warriors defeated the 76ers, 120-117 tonight in Philadelphia. Kevin Durant lead all scorers with 34 points (11-24 FG) to go with 5 rebounds and 5 assists, while Stephen Curry tallied 28 points (10-23 FG) in the game. Ben Simmons led the 76ers with his 10th triple-double of the season (22nd of his career) with 25 points, 15 rebounds and 11 assists, his 2nd consecutive triple-double after recording one on 2/28 v. OKC. Mike Scott also recorded 22 points in the losing effort. The Warriors made 41-81 FG (50.6%) as a team in the game. With the win, the Warriors improve to 44-19 on the season while the 76ers fall to 40-23.

🏀: Warriors vs. Celtics 📅: Mar. 5, 10:30pm/et 📺: TNT

🏀: Sixers vs. Magic 📅: Mar. 5, 7pm/et 📺: NBC Sports Philadelphia/Fox Sports Flori

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46 thoughts on “WARRIORS vs 76ERS | Down To The Wire Action In Philadephia | March 2, 2019

  1. People say Curry not clutch mainly because of 2016 finals. But they forget moments like in okc, mavs, and in the playoffs vs the Pelicans Blazers, Memphis, etc… Gsw has many stars, so sometimes Curry can't shine as bright. But if I'm a coach and need a quick 3 to tie or win the game, I'm going with the best 3 point shooter in the history of the game, and that's Steph Curry!

  2. Wen reddick was out they felt it in the shooting. But that was b4 they got Harris. I still want reddick but he clearly is not the same now that Embiid is out, 2/9. And I've seen him stick with defenders b4 but those last few series were abysmal. The blow by, failing to help, jus a bad game for jj. Good news is this team is ready for anybody at full strength (anybody but Boston). The trouble is, is Embiid resting or is there a legit problem there?

  3. i like the way the warriors give Cousins a chance to play , but its obvious that hes not 100% , as soon as IGI and some others from the bench came in on the 2nd half , they came up on top , because they are a fast tempo team …. nice game …. see you at the finals .. KAWHI & company

  4. I wouldn’t mind these two in the finals, could be interesting.

    And before I get a bunch of no body wants the warriors in the finals at this point it’s pretty much inevitable so might as well make it interesting

  5. Sixers biggest problem is Brett Brown, horrible coaching in crunch time, NOTHING NEW. Second biggest problem Jj Redick. Until they fix these things they’ll come up short. JJ hurts them down the stretch time and time again as teams use him to get free baskets in the last 4 minutes, and Brett Brown knows nothing about how to close basketball games. He should of been fired after that abysmal Celtics series where he got completely out coached and made mistake after mistake. Too much talent on this team to lose a game like this, but it shows we can easily win it all considering we were without our best player, and beat this team last time. And I know Thompson was out, but Embiid has a much bigger impact on the game than Klay considering he is our defensive backbone.

  6. I hope this is the finals matchup, if not the 76ers then the Bucks, Raptors or Celtics in that order.. Don't see anyone really beating the Warriors in the west. 😕

  7. If I played with Curry I would never leave him!!!! Philly played well without JE but, you must remember GSW played without KT. All players may not be there for whatever reason. Other players have to step up. Great game!!! Go GSW's!!!!

  8. I’m a Sixers fan and hate half our fan base. Always gloating and or making excuses. Never even minded or honest. The Sixers are flawed and are at best in the bottom of the elite class. Reality is, Simmons or Embiid must go. Those two will never be elite together unless Ben develops a jump shot.

  9. They did not need to miss the free throw in that situation. Proof of that was when they could Durant with 4 seconds left. He missed a free throw and they still had time to get off a shot. Very questionable decision.

  10. Warriors would have EASILY won if they didnt miss a bunch of free throws, their defense was solid for a long stretch late second half but they kept missing free throws. Even Durant has been missing Clutch freethrows.

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