Top 5 NBA Plays of the Night: May 20, 2017

Check out the top 5 plays of the night around the NBA, featuring Ian Clark, JaVale McGee, Draymond Green, Kevin Durant and Davis Bertans!

43 thoughts on “Top 5 NBA Plays of the Night: May 20, 2017

  1. Although it will probably end up happening, with Kawhi and IT out, I think it's safe to say that NO ONE wants Warriors vs Cavs for the third straight year. Can we all agree with this?

  2. Get the finals started already, Boston is the only team ever to start tanking after winning the lottery, SAS is putting up a fight to their credit but they're just outgunned. These conference rounds are like undercards to the main event. GSW vs CLE this year is going to be like the unstoppable force vs the immovable object.

  3. The spurs coach shouldn't be mad he lost game 1 because of Leonard's injury?maybe if the spurs stepped up as a team they would have won the game. Look at the cabs they suffered injuries among the best players like kyrie,lebron and Kevin. If one of them is injured the team including secondaries should be able to try and win for the team instead of bitching and losing over an injury

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