Top 20 NBA Finals Plays from the Warriors and Cavaliers

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Check out the best and most iconic plays from the 4 previous matchups between the Cavs and Warriors in the NBA Finals!

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45 thoughts on “Top 20 NBA Finals Plays from the Warriors and Cavaliers”

  1. "play 14" this is an awful, how anyone can think this is a good shot is beyond me. and the wide open dunks in transition, really? why dont they show highlights of the warriors breaking down the cavs horrid defense for a wide open3/layup. this is by far the worst of the highlight vids

  2. Its wild to me

    For YEARS now people have had the audacity to be so impressed by Lebron's ability, that they claimed he was better than MJ.

    I don't see that blasphemous talk now

  3. If you guys noticed all of the Cavs highlights were from Kyrie and LeBron. This shows how ass the Cavs were in the last 4 finals against the Warriors

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