Top 10 Plays: 2018 NBA Season

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Here are the best of the best. Check out the top 10 plays from the 2018 NBA Season!

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43 thoughts on “Top 10 Plays: 2018 NBA Season”

  1. Lebron is the most overhyped player ever. The nba just likes to ride his dick, his plays aren’t even that good especially his dunks they’re so boring.

  2. My own Top 10:
    10. LeBron James' no-look behind-the-back bounce pass to D-Wade
    9. LeBron James' poster on Nurkic
    8. LeBron James' buzzer-beating bank shot vs Toronto
    7. James Johnson's poster on Oladipo
    6. Kyrie Irving's amazing handles vs Bucks
    5. Andrew Wiggins' game-winner vs OKC
    4. Giannis' clutch steal & dunk and clutch block vs Portland
    3. LeBron's clutch block and game-winner vs Minnesota
    2. Kevin Durant's clutch three in Game 3 of NBA Finals
    1. Giannis jumps over Hardaway for alley-oop dunk

  3. The Lebron bias is real. Half of the plays featured him. I can think of several other plays that were better than that wolves/ Cavs game. Stop making these videos over and over again. It’s boring

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