Timberwolves vs Pelicans | Full Game Recap: Minnesota & New Orleans Go Down To The Wire

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The Pelicans defeated the Timberwolves tonight in New Orleans by a final score of 122-117. Anthony Davis led the Pelicans with 32 points (11-15 FG), 9 rebounds and 3 blocks, while Jrue Holiday added 27 points (8-21 FG), 4 rebounds and 9 assists in the victory. Karl-Anthony Towns led the Timberwolves with 32 points (12-20 FG), 8 rebounds, 3 assists and 2 blocks, while Andrew Wiggins tallied 23 points (10-17 FG), 10 rebounds, 7 assists and 2 blocks in the losing effort. The Pelicans outscored the Timberwolves in fastbreak points (28-7) and points in the paint (60-56) as they improve to 25-31, while the Timberwolves fall to 25-30 on the season.

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27 thoughts on “Timberwolves vs Pelicans | Full Game Recap: Minnesota & New Orleans Go Down To The Wire

  1. dumbass fans lol if you want AD to stay then dont boo him lmao. Still has time left on his contract maybe he could’ve changed his mind but now yall wanna boo him cause that will keep him in NO

  2. JUST BEING HONEST (Because athletic sports is all about winning and having the opportunity to pair a "once-in-a-generation" basketball athlete that is very long and athletic at 6'10"/6'11" [i.e., Mr. Davis] with another "once-in-a-generation" basketball athlete is also very long and athletic at 6'8"/6'9" [i.e., Mr. James] while having very long and athletic "big-men" that are very long and athletic at 7'0" [i.e., Mr. McGee & Mr. Chandler] doesn't come along that often): I would have fulfilled the outrageous demands from the New Orleans Pelicans for Mr. Davis by offering Kuzman, Ball, Ingram, Zubac, and 3- or 4- First Round Draft Picks along with bringing over another New Orleans Pelicans' athlete (for salary cap elevation).

    Here's Why: ("Please forgive me") but there is no one in college basketball for the next "FEW" years that could even come close to developing like Mr. Davis. So, the 3 or 4 first-round draft picks would be late round draft picks anyhow because the L.A. Lakers would (more than likely) go to the NBA Playoffs with Mr. James and Mr. Davis. Also, (since I like a great "floor general" with championship experience and great passing skills and great "setting-the-table" skills) I would have kept and started Mr. Rondo at PG and have Mr. James start at SF while having Mr. Davis start at PF and Mr. McGree start at C (while having Mr. Hart as backup PG, "plug" Mr. Stevenson in at starting SG, have Mr. Chandler backup at C and PF, rotate Mr. Beasley at SF and Mr. Pope at SG or starting, etc.). This particular basketball-squad would be athletic and long enough to challenge everything at the proverbial basketball rim, rebound the basketball extremely well, and Mr. James and Mr. Davis could easily put 2 of Golden State Warriors great starting 5 in foul trouble early (1, by Mr. James attacking the basketball rim instead of settling for basketball jump-shots; 2, Mr. Davis posting up in the low- and high- post while taking high percentage shots going to the basket; and 3, Pick-N-Roll basketball with Mr. James and Mr. Davis or Pick-N-Roll basketball with Mr. Rondo and Mr. James/Mr. Davis while the other great athlete "rome" the cutting options and "rome" the backside ball reversal options).

    Also, the L.A. Lakers (as an organization) said they wanted to play a different kind of basketball than what the Golden State Warriors have been playing and have been dictating most in the basketball world to play. This particular scenario with very long and athletic athletes could have done just that. But there's still hope. Let us keep our fingers crossed in hope Laker Nation for the future.

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