The Beard, KD Battle In Clutch City!

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Check out the best plays from Houston Rockets’ James Harden 41 points (14-24 FG, 5-9 3pt FG) and 7 assists as he battles against Golden State Warriors’ Kevin Durant 37 points (14-27 FG)

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23 thoughts on “The Beard, KD Battle In Clutch City!”

  1. Harden got all his points off curry or loony. Then he got a couple free throws. He ain’t shit, his not dropping 40 again. His bitchass wants to go on vacation

  2. This is why KD chose Warriors, almost all his shots are either mismatches or open shots, and Harden needs to fight a ton of muscle for each points, I don't think Harden can survive this series, he will run out of strength like last year (if last year was because of that), the rockets didn't rest him enough because they want home court, which seems silly by now.

  3. The MVP trophy should be awarded after the season is over, including playoff gameplay. the last two MVPs didnt even make the Finals. thats weak. KD and Lebron are the best in the league for me. all due respect to James Harden, but everyone knows the REAL season starts during the playoffs in the NBA.

  4. Can't believe people rather have the Rockets win. I know the Warriors are tough to beat and they've made it to the finals consistently, but this team plays team basketball, while the other plays iso ball. So fucking boring. I'd rather take the Warriors to advance over the boring ass rockets

  5. Who’s the bigger bandwagons golden state fans or people who call Durant a snake just cause everyone says that you know he’s one of the best in nba

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