Superstars SHINE In 1st Half of NBA Finals Game 1: Best of LeBron, Durant, Curry and Kyrie

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Kevin Durant (23 pts) led all scorers in the first half of NBA Finals 2017 Game 1, while LeBron James had 19, Kyrie Irving added 17, and Stephen Curry chipped in 12.

22 thoughts on “Superstars SHINE In 1st Half of NBA Finals Game 1: Best of LeBron, Durant, Curry and Kyrie

  1. BAY AREA ……….. i need dat good shit music bay area what up spice 1, hammer, e 40, keek da sneak, pac how you like it lil brah we miss you ……..all w fans raise up on em fo me and yeah from the east coast, bout to sip some brown on em good times, aint we lucky we got em.

  2. The Warriors where already too packed with talent before Durant. Then You turn around & get the hottest small forward in the game outside Jame's. Only worse because Durant is closer to his prime.

  3. Like Bill Russell's Celtics, the Warriors where loaded with talent even the bench. With them getting Durant they are so good they seem dirty. But it's perfectly legal.

  4. Personally, I live 20 minutes from Oracle. I've been watching the Warriors since Tim Hardaway was Manning the point, lived through several 18-20 win seasons and though I'm a Warriors fan I have to give credit where it's due and say that LeBron is the best player in the game maybe the best to ever lace em up, Kyrie is a bonafide stud pg, K Love is awesome as well plus a deadly bench. I hope the Warriors can win 3 more, but I still think an awesome series is about to unfold for the world to see. Props to both GS and Cleveland going into game 2.

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