Rookie Of The Year Finalist: Joel Embiid

Check out season highlights of 2016-2017 Rookie Of The Year finalist Joel Embiid. The winners for these awards will be revealed on the same night for the first time during the inaugural NBA Awards on TNT, which will be hosted by platinum-selling recording artist Drake on Monday, June 26 (9 p.m. ET) live from Basketball City in New York.

22 thoughts on “Rookie Of The Year Finalist: Joel Embiid

  1. Jabari didn't play half of the season and he was out of the rookie of the year race but embiid only plays 31 and he has that opportunity. I feel like they need to be consistent when deciding eligibility because embiid also got drafted 2 years prior to the season. Not knocking his game though. He is most definitely exciting

  2. The talent gap between him and the others is huge. Even if he only played 31 games he's a beast and deserves the damn award.

  3. games played don't matter at all. he was on limited min for most of the games he did play and still put up crazy numbers for a rookie. he is without a doubt the rookie of the year

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