NBA Daily Show: May 22 – The Starters

On Monday’s episode of The Starters, the guys discuss the Celtics’ 21-point comeback, LeBron’s worst playoff performances, and whether Boston is better without Isaiah Thomas. All that, plus Rick Fox joins the fellas to play “Zero Fox Given,” and they get you all set for Warriors-Spurs Game 4. Watch The Starters weekdays on NBATV throughout the playoffs and get more of them on their website:

45 thoughts on “NBA Daily Show: May 22 – The Starters

  1. Lebron said in his post game conference that he's glad they lost the game, because they needed adversity, and they have not had any yet. This ninja lebron has this thing figured out, he's trying to prepare them for the warriors

  2. It's still bullshit that one fucking play completely derailed the Spurs' season. It was bad enough that Tony Parker was out but no, Zaza had to injure Kawhi.

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  4. Pfft, the series everyone wanted to see for the past few years is ruined because of Spurs injuries. Unbelievable. It's arguable if Zaza intentionally did it, but whatever, thanks to him Warriors will go to the finals. However, it was probably inevitable, it's just boring to see it pan out like this.. KD's fault for ruining the balance…

  5. man this episode is terrible. the commentary is really being exposed. tas 's arguements are so intolerant of chance factors. he uses absolute terms to justify his hypotheticals. and this was lebrons worse playoff performance. his team squandered a 21 pt lead. that is terrible and nothing like that happened in the 2011 finals game tas references. god dayum.

  6. isn't it funny? the spurs got swept but the celtics didn't. I mean i'm no spurs hater but ou have to admit it is at least a little funny

  7. James and Irving preferred to lose that rather than win with Kevin Love as a hero. In short to me they sabotaged the amazing performance of Love. I Hope in a Boston come back

  8. That game was rigged. Lebron was told to do a bad game so it isnt looking like he´s multiple levels over everybody els. Just like the rest of the Nba is rigged aswell.

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