NBA Daily Show: May 20 – The Starters

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On Monday’s episode of The Starters, the guys discuss Kawhi Leonard saving the Raptors season (again), whether the Bucks are still in the driver’s seat, Magic Johnson airing the Lakers dirty laundry, and Damian Lillard’s rib injury. That, plus Chris Bosh joins the fellas live in studio to talk about playing with LeBron James, the Warriors without Kevin Durant, and his best Instagram pics. Watch The Starters daily throughout the playoffs or get more of them on their website:

33 thoughts on “NBA Daily Show: May 20 – The Starters

  1. This show and it's analysis of the NBA is miles better than ESPN or other hot-take obsessed sports media. Starters hosts actually watch the games and give their honest thoughts with explanation and evidence to back their claims, plus they crack some jokes that are appropriate and entertaining for all age groups.

    Thanks for the quality entertainment.

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